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interesting bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blu3b3ry, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. wow so this new stuf gets me to the moon and back. only then is happiness looking at the stars and knowing that some other aliens are havesting weed for themselves too andwill one day be smoking u up as well :smoking::hippie: yea , peace and all will need to try acid at least once, trust me its mindblowing :wave::poke::bolt::hide:
  2. come on man, get a camera out and get some macros of that shit up in here!
  3. I like the way you think
  4. sry but i just finished thy mary jane, because only i bought a gram, it was mad expensive ,bout 90 an 1/8. but worth every penny, one hitter quiter :hello::hippie: :eek:
  5. oh my lord did you say 90

    where the fuck are you
  6. yea but she said it was special :hello::confused:

  7. no it wasnt you were robbed and the dealers are laughing
  8. Idk man, read the first post again.

    He sounds like he's been smokin somethin wild. :p
  9. Yeaa wow... wonder what strain it was? :rolleyes:
    I've been reading about all the different ones, and want to figure out what kind the stuff I get is. I'm sure its all overpriced as hell here, its so hard to get even crappy weed. My friend gets some nice dro from her cousin though :D Love chillen @ her house to blaze that stuff upppp
  10. That a bitch.

    Shit like that makes me glad I'm in cali

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