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Interesting bong liquid

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_tex, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. sometimes me and my friends piss into our bong and toke with piss....... it makes me real high and !!aroused!! but it smells funky what are my chances of getting cnacer
  2. i like doing that when i sleep walk
  3. WHO LET HIM IN?????
    for a little added fun why dont each of you an your friends throw 5 bucks down on the table an when your alll done smoking, let the idiot who drinks it,mmmm get the cash....

  4. lol, while your at at it you may as well throw some other bodily excrements in there, you know, just to enhance the flavor.
  5. i dont know why i bother sayin anything to these lil jokers really, but sometimes i just cant contain myself.really its compulsive
    i think theyd have more fun while got their lil wienies in the bong to go ahead and do the whoole 9 yards.. then anti the bid to 10bucks, now theres a healthy protien drink, an i dont think it'll give you cancer. ya lil wierdo

  6. um it was a joke
  7. one should hope...ya just forgot to mention THAT little part in yur kinda wierd first or 2 post.
    well were all glad that yu would never ever do such a thing as let alone get a little excited over it :D
  8. i found it quite funny.......Peace out....Sid
  9. i find it kinda funny too........


  10. yeah i took it as a joke, if it were actually true i don't think it would be a hit anyone would want to hold seeing as taste and smell are so closely connected.
  11. yeah and if it's a small'd get some splashes of pisss....and...ohhh out....Sid
  12. heres the scene....
    several boys,gots a lillte weed, gotts little bong, an no water,or drink..(theys boys an forgot some)
    one of them states "hey i gotta pee".well its alllmost like water,...get past the taste...get past the smell, get past the warmness....
    i betcha somewhere,someone, at sometime..........
    it is funny. thanks for the laff.

  13. Now i've heard it all! Piss in the bong for extra flavoring in the weed.

    Short bongs to get a good taste of piss.

    I just hope they never ask me to hit the bong with'em..LOL
  14. i sure fucking hope it was a joke
  15. that is the wierdest post ever. you now have cancer. because piss is a carcinogen. you are going to die

  16. i hope im not out of line here, but to wish FUCKING CANCER ON SOMEONE...thats gotte be like a ticket to hell or somethin...i mean...cancer..shit man..
  17. hahah, thats funny shit.

    i think id opt to take dry hoots before breathing in piss fumes with a little weed in it.
  18. lol..sounds like a plan, though I like to use a mixture of acid and bleach in my bong water..... .lol
  19. yeah... i put bleach and mannure in mine. you only get one hit before it explodes and you die, though.
  20. This is the exception to the golden rule.

    (Never turn down a smoke.)

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