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  1. Hey, all. Just figured I'd share an interesting weed-related tale of mine. I posted about this before in the "Worst Police Experiences" thread, but I figured it was strange enough to get its own.
    Back in the Summer, I had been dry for over a month. Contacts were few and far between, and I had not a cent to my name. One night, I decide to go for a jog around 1 or 2am for the hell of it (I live in Texas, so I sure as hell wasn't doing it in the daytime in the dead of Summer, haha). As part of my path, I chose to walk through a gated community not far from my house. This might sound odd, but I did it because I used to live there and it was actually my favorite house I've lived in, so going through there is a bit nostalgiac for me. I slipped through the gate and came back out when I'd walked all the way through.
    I'm about halfway past the Intermediate school when a cop stops me. He doesn't even get out of his car but asks me if I live around here. I tell him what street I live on and he drives off. A bit odd, but nothing concerned me. On the way back, I pass by some guy who mumbles something about there being cops down by my street. I simply responded with "oh" and wasn't going to pay it any mind, until he asked me if I smoked. I told him I did, and he said that he had to throw about 4-5 grams of some 'dro on the ground when he saw the cops.
    We walked back in that direction together and got acquaitned. Never seen the guy before, but it turns out he's friends with one of my dealers. Who knew? Anyhow, we get to the street before mine and sure enough, two cop cars are parked parallel by the gated community. At first, I was rather confused as to why they were there, as was my new friend. Then I immediately began to think that someone in the gated place saw me walking around and called the police. I didn't bring this up out loud, but it was a definte possibility.
    We wait a good ways up the street for about half an hour, just out of view of the cops. We decide that we're going to go retrieve the weed as soon as they leave. We talk about random things until they do. Sure enough, we find the bag in the grass, a good distance from where he dropped it, probably because it was a rather windy night, so we got lucky. He leads me back to his apartment at which point I'm ready to say my farewells, but sure enough, the dude actually invites me in to smoke up. Naturally I was rather excited after having been dry for so long, so I took him up on his offer. We pretty much smoke a few bowls, chill, and talk about whatever for the next hour or so, then I bode him farewell and left.
    Now came the fun part - finding my way home from a place I'd never been to, all while blazed out of my mind. Somehow I pulled through and made it back before chilling at my house til I fell asleep. I've since made pretty good friends with the guy, and we still sesh every now and then.
    So my question is, what are your thoughts on this, and has a similar event ever happened to you?

  2. Great story nothing like that has ever happend to me though!

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  3. That seems like a great story. Never had anything like it haha
  4. Lol I still can't believe those cops didn't see us. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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