Interested in doing a 4-6 plant budget grow. Need help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killakam, Oct 4, 2010.

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  2. maybe if you find deals online. but at the hydro store its going to be around 500 probably maybe a little less
  3. There are some things that u need to consider...the cheapest ballast u are going to find is no less than 150, then u need a bulb for 50-100 depending on what u want..if ur going to buy a hood, tack that on too, not sure how much they are, I don't use them. Oh, don't forget the cord set for 30 bucks...then if u want to go hydro u need buckets @ 6 bucks a piece x 6 is 36 more dollars, plus net pots, quarter inch tubing, a pump for no less than 50 bucks to run all buckets. You will also need hydroton or whichever medium u choose, 20-30. Don't forget nutrients at 40 bucks a gallon for both kinds veg and bloom(that's bare minimum) you will so need ph up or down depending on ur water. (there are some home substitutions) let's see here what did I forget...light hangars 20 bucks, fan, filter....there are a lot of hidden costs associated with growing....all of this equipment is just a list of what I use...there is a million different ways to go...but its hard to do what u want on ur budget...keep saving man, anything worth doing is worth doing right...let me know if u need any more help...good luck man
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    fuck buying need to get thrifty. get on craigslist. there are tons of tweakers trying to sell grow equiptment they jk jk

    but seriously, craigslist has deals. just be smart about it.

    if you have a $350 budget and blow it on lights then you wont have any cash for all the small stuff that tallies up quick and people always forget, the budget on my grow GREW because i forgot about the little stuff.
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  6. If you got a landlord coming in once a month, and checking the whole place out, sorry, you will not get away with it. Especially if you have to move everything, every single month. When your 4 to 6 plants are flowering, and are either huge tree's or huge bushes (Because if you scrog them, you aint movin them) that will be a pain in the ass to move every month, and while you are moving them, your entire house is going to fill up with odor.

    I don't know man, with a once a month visit, you sure must like weed an awful lot to risk loss of home, and possible jailtime to grow it in those conditions.

    I wish you luck. Not trying to be Debbie Downer, that just sounds like an awful lot of risk, and an awful lot of work, to have to tear down and put up the whole setup once a month.
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  8. If you're really dead set on growing in those conditions, I would invest way more money on stealth and security.
  9. [​IMG]

    Place 100- 150 watts in each bin, easy to move and not suspicious

  10. You must watch trailer park boys too...that shit is fucking hilarious.


  11. Hell ya they definitely got this right though. Such a convenient grow area.
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