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  1. Hey GC I was really wanted to try something new besides weed/beer and I hear tabs are pretty fun so I was wondering what the negative side effects were and what I should expect.

    Some Q's

    Will I be really loud rolling?
    Someone told me it depletes spinal fluid is this true?
    Will teeth clenching be a real buzz kill or can it easily be treated with gum?
    Should I smoke after I take it?

    Just give me some advice looking to do this in a couple of weekends or so.
  2. You will not be loud(you'll want to talk a lot so I don't suggest doing it without going out or having someone to chill with)

    It does not deplete spinal fluid, that's a myth.

    Teeth Clenching is pretty shitty, but more jaw movement in my experience. Gum is a great thing to have.

    Smoking on it is awesome and really helps. It'll help calm you in a sense...not that you need to be calm but you'll definitely have the urge to smoke-cigs too-smoke like crazzzy on E.
  3. what this guy said. And too add, teeth clenching will not be a buzz kill, MDMA kills pain like no other and you dont even feel your jaws clenching, they just do and it will hurt a little bit the next day, nothing a little gum cant fix. Also I wouldn't smoke any weed after the come up or during the peak, I only like to smoke when I come down off the peak because it sends you right back up. And yes, cigs are amazing on rolls!!
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    Will I be really loud rolling? : Most likely not. You will just want to talk to people. You get a very good feeling body high and just feel to good to be really loud.

    Someone told me it depletes spinal fluid is this true? I really do not know. I doubt it.

    Will teeth clenching be a real buzz kill or can it easily be treated with gum?

    It's more of a jitter than a clench, gum will do fine. You will be feeling so nice you honestly will not even notice them chittering. They do what you do when you're really cold, just chatter. Also there is no buzz to really kill. You just feel total bliss and happiness its totally different than weed it can't just be "killed" by something like that.

    Should I smoke after I take it? I ALWAYS smoke while rolling. Weed seems to make e feel much stronger and you feel amazing on the two of them. It may take a lot of weed though and make sure you save some to help you fall asleep later and for when you start coming down. Saving it for those two is most important but if you have it to spare hell yeah toke up while rolling

    Take vitamin suppliments atleast 30 mins before you roll and eat a few hours or so before hand to help digest the pills but eat light.



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  5. I highly suggest giving this site a read, i've thrown these links here before and will probably continue but so be it. VERY educational. click the various links on the bottom, they'll give you everything you need to know about the various issues (pill testing, research, neurotoxicity, etc)with Ecstacy(MDMA).

    Drug Info
  6. comedowns can suck sometimes, and being all speedy and not able to sleep can be annoying. mdma has one of the most comforting high i have ever experienced, i always have an amazing time and learn alot. your vibe during the trip really produces your outcome.

    im cooked right now on 4 beautiful beans. :hello::hello::hello::hello:

    enjoy your high, share the love

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