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  1. anybody know whats cheapest and best stuff 2 use so police dont see the heat from my grow room with heat detector in helicopter.
  2. I been stackin dead bodies in my attic :)
  3. ^hahahaha fuckin rofl.

    theres a forum for this.
  4. not fiberglass but use rockwool. A name brand is Roxul.
  5. what the fuck does rofl mean?
  6. rolling on the floor laughing
  7. Welcome to the internet.
  8. it's technically illegal (a warrantless search) for police to scan your house with a chopper

    it's inadmissible in court..
  9. If its in the basement you sholdnt have a problem. If its a room near an exterior wall, your going to end up spending alot of money and need to replace all exterior insulation. the best is solid foam insulation. It usually comes in pink boards. If you;d like you can go to homedepot anf buy it , then compress the existing glass insulation and insert the foam board.

    this is costly.

  10. Naw. All they need is "Probable cause" whats probable? anything they say it is. which could be smell, excess heat (from lamps), or unexplained water vapor....
    Sucks but its the messed loop holes.

  11. technically but they can use it see that you're growing and then find other evidence to back that up for probable cause to use the image
  12. yeah but if you don't tell anyone about your grow you can contest it in court. i meant they cant legally FIND OUT about it by random chopper flyovers, thats all

    but yeah, like the DEA really gives a shit about the real law...
  13. Having a high heat signature in one room doesn't mean you're growing. There's nothing illegal about having appliancs that put out a lot of heat.

    If they bother to actually scope out your house with the helicopter, chances are they already know about something illegal you do/have done.
  14. You also forgot the famous 'anonymous tip'. ;)
  15. Exactly, they'll find a way if they really want too.

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