Instead OF Transplanting? Maybe Alternative?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hobbiehorse, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ok, I have a plant from a seed that was in my bag, and I'm currently doing LST on it. It's on day 12 of 12/12 lighting with 42w cfls. I took the original 10 inch plastic pot that I started the grow in, and cut the bottom off with a box cutter.(I put a sheet of paper underneath it so the soil wouldn't fall out the bottom when I picked it up.) Then I prepared another 10 inch pot with perlite and soil. After that I just carefully placed the original pot that has the plant still in it on top and watered it. I did that yesterday, sorry no pick, but i think I explained it good enough for you to imagin what I'm saying. Please give me input...........:smoking:
  2. sounds like a good idea. Good idea how to transplant with out causing shock. Hwt was wrong with the old 10 inch pot?
  3. The bottom of the top pot is smaller than the top of the bottom pot, so you will have exposed soil that your roots can grow up and out of, not good.

    Transplanting is incredibly simple, why not do that?
  4. I didn't really think about the roots growing out over the soil, cause the space between the rim of the bottom pot and the top pot is only about a half inch. Can I just cover tat withh something? Like little stones or gravel?
  5. Small toness or gravel woouldn't remedy tat potential problem? Anyone?

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