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  1. So i just picked up 2 grams from my dealers crib, and i am at the point where im too far to go back and ask for a lighter, and i dont have my own. So i go to the store and just decide to steal one. I take two lighters, a miniature one and a regular bic one. As i walk out of the store i try to pull my phone out of my pocket and the bag of bud was unsealed... Bud flies everywhere.... I grab what i can off the ground and dip out in fear that they will have noticed i took the lighter and i dotn want to sit there trying to pick up marijuana off the ground :/. So i left the store and overall lost about a gram. Dont judge me for stealing lighters please, clearly a higher being has already done that...... :(
  2. Stupid. Deserved it. /thread

    Edit: You're not stupid, although your idea clearly was.
  3. Since you got hit by Karma I say hahaha..

    For people who don't believe in it...It's there creeping in the dark corners...I got hit by it lots of times...Sadly I gave up and showed some respect.
  4. lighters are like less than 50 cents....the only conclusion i can draw is that your under 18.
  5. Good shit OP (I pictured the whole story) I almost cried.......due to massive laughing.:)

    Karma is a ((whispers gently)) bitch. she probably heard me.
  6. shit happens.
  7. NO, Shit does not happen.

    Karma obviously blew a clean fart on OP, And scattered his weed. (for stealing fire devices)
  8. Coincidence. The wind could and would have blown away his bud regardless of anything bad he previously did.

  9. My next thought exactly. Had I added it into my post, it would have been full of win, correct?
  10. lol don't steal
  11. Haha that sucks! A nice ol' gram that you could have nicely put in ur system using that new lighter. But alas, all is gone
  12. It's better to be an honest good person than to go and steal or do stupid shit.
  13. Exactly!

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  14. Damn I wouldn't care who saw me pick up bud off the floor. A gram is a gram.
  15. You don't believe in it either. This isn't karma, dude
  16. Not under 18. In Dallas, or at least where i live (carrollton) lighters can run you 3 dollars depending on where you are. I was in the 3 dollar location. With 4 quarters and a dime
  17. Karma doesn't exist,just saying...
  18. -Scatterbrain

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