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  1. lilithlove1492 is also my instagram. I love my tattoos. I love art. and oh yeah I love the ganja :smoke: all the time. check me out on instagram. I take a lot of photos, taking a little break to heal a new one up. :)

    I don't think I am ever away from my dear green friend. :cool:

    so... I have a lot of tattoos. check out some pics, I'll explain them to you, just ask if curious :)

    Have a HIGHly :rolleyes: functional and wonderful day
  2. Fuck instagram.

    It doesn't do what it says.... I didn't instantly get a gram when I visited ;)
  3. Deleting mine soon, it became just like twitter too soon
  4. I dont care about instagram, I mean my tattoos
    I should just get my own website.
  5. I never had a twitter it was just fun for the iphone at first

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