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Insomnia strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orange24, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I've tried quite a few indicas for help with my sleep disorder but last night I vaped a strain called private reserve aka og18. Wow...heavy heavy hitter. Almost perfect for my problems. What strain do y'all medicate with for sleep issues?
  2. I would look for primarily indica strains,. They have been shown a have higher CBD levels, and will deliver more of a knockout high,.
    Probably the best bet, I use it for mine a lot. It just gets you in the state to rest.
  3. This. I smoked some Master Kush a while ago and passed out 2 times off it [while sitting and watching tv] and i usually NEVER pass out :smoke:
  4. Northern lights or white widow for sleeping :D

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  5. white widow is sativa. northern lights works really well though because its a pure indica strain. other then that there is purple, kush, purple kush, blue cheese, master kush
  6. Where i live theres no such things as strains unless you know the man growing it so i don't have anything cool :(
    but after the second elbow threw the arizer i has no problem drifting away

  7. It's an Indian indica and Brazilian sativa hybrid

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