Insomnia Challenge

Discussion in 'General' started by Pizzle, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Seven Days.No Sleep. Anyone care to join me? I wil be drinking lot of soda. I will also be taking ccc's, as they keep me from sleeping and eating and thus enhancing the experience of exploring the human body/mind's absolute limits. wish me luck. i will update in 48 hrs.
  2. whatever happened to hobbies......
  3. This is retarded. I have insomnia and I would hate too stay up 7 days. Stupid stupid thread
  4. your gonna encounter major fucking problems from the combination of sleep deprivation and coricidin, your bodies defenses are gonna be way down and chances are the CPM in the coricidin is going to kill you

    but have fun "exploring your mind/bodies limit"

    edit: arent you the guy who lives in his step dads room and were complaining how drugs have ruined your life, and how your not addicted to dxm when you clearly are?
  5. Yeah that is kinda dumb. But hey do what you want to your own body...
  6. Theres some movie with john travalta and he gets super smart and he doesn't sleep for like a week and dies from not sleeping. Not a smart thing to do.
  7. Still no job, huh?
  8. you won't be able doesn't matter how Many sodas you drink your body will force you to sleep and why.being extremely tired and sluggish is one of my least favorite feelings
  9. Sound familiar? Hah. Kidding...

    OP: Youre a dumbass.
  10. Fuck what these people have to say. More power to you!
  11. Wooo! uninhibited and irresponsible drug use for all!
  12. God, I can't wait til school gets back in session
  13. at day four the brain damage starts....and that's without drugs
  14. Really? I didn't know that.

    Do you have a source?
  15. As Ren often said to Stimpy: Eeeeeediot!
  16. Uninhibited, irresponsible drug use is the best kind of drug use. Stop harshing my buzz, Eichmann.
  17. You'll end up passing out and falling asleep way before the 7 days are up. I wouldn't recommend the triple C's as a combo with the lack of sleep either.
  18. jeez i cant even get through a day without a nap.
  19. I want to see a post every two hours for seven days.
  20. QFT!!! only a few more days/ weeks?

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