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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. wehew! lol, I havrnt floated in a while!! I dont think I *ever* posted about it! theres nothing in the city about twice baked potatoes either...I searched for it, so now if someone were to ever search for it, they will have at least something to read about them. they are awesome!! the sun is shining so bright today the reggae music makes me feel like im not right here! like im chiling at the city, in jamiaca at my house on the beach. goood times :) I had taco bell for the first time in about 2 years the other night. :D I was bribed taco bell if I listened to french people sing french songs with the man with the accordian. it was slightly entertaining. why not go?! why not...!
  2. did someone say potatoes?....ITS TIMWE FOR SOME LADKES!! HAPPY PASSOVER EVERYONE! Even you goyum can celebrate passover, it is after all the beginning of the religion that seeded most other western religions....now back to my pork and shellfish gumbo...
  3. I love baked patatoes.. Stuffed with broccoli and bacon covered with cheeese!!

    I make potatoe skins by baking the potato and the scooping out the insides with a icecream scoop. Then take the skins, add bacon pieces and cheese and damn I got munchies!!!
  4. I love potatoe skins. They're so goooood! Wow, I'm pretty sure that I'm hungry now!
  5. pizza today, but someone mentioned potatoes... tomorrows menu looks like this:

    2 baked potatoes with garlic butter
    1 medium steak

  6. Yes! TB is awesome! 7-layer burritos rock!
  7. i don't get this thread topic..........................maybe im just slow =0(.........eh

    i hope you meant TB as in "taco bell" hempress, cause TB really is'nt that awesome.

    ^_^ just messin :D
  8. TB ain't that bad these days, what with antibiotics an' all :)
  9. mmm antibiotics..

    its all about seraching for potatoes
  10. I found potatoes last night. My life has been forever changed. Well, forever as in maybe an hour or so but still, my life changed.

    Taco Bell isn't one of my favorite establishments...at one time, it might have been, but not so much now. I always want to yell at someobody after I eat there so it's best to avoid it, I think.

  11. yell at someone like indirectly? or is there a reason? like the people that work there? the customers? so you like to yell do you? ive heard about this before..its the PostTBscreams. you sould look into that. I heard smoking wildly before ordering may help the symptoms..
    maybe youll be allright if you just stick to those life changing potatoes...
  12. How do you indirectly yell at someone? I usually have someone in mind if I'm going to yell. I don't just yell at people just to yell, I like to have a good reason. Going to TB is usually reason enough which is why I stay away.

    Screaming, on the other hand, isn't such a bad thing to do.
  13. [​IMG]i was being shady the other night..when I get really hammered, I notice I hide lol...
    i dunno chicken soft taco supremes cant keep me away for more than 2 years!
    I need a mexican restuarant around here. Im gonna start screaming soon
  14. There's the very best Mexican restaurant not too far from me. It has the very best food and the very best margaritas.

    Yeah, you're hiding...you're not even in my box...

    HEY! Not that box, the box in the right hand corner of my screen!!!
  15. a box is a box is a box
    im not picky :)

    I gotta hit up atlantic city. theres a decent mexican place with margaritas...now that you got me thinking about margaritas...and nakedness..maybe Ill see if the new chick is into that. nothing new to getting her drunk and taking advantage, lol, just with a mexican twist
  16. Hey, what am I here for if not to make you think about nakedness and margaritas??? Have fun, Sensi!!! Lots of it!!
  17. wow indiana, taco bell doesnt even serve ketchup
  18. i never actually saw it. I guess they may. who knows? anyone out there know? did anyone know 'out there' is in fact 2 words, not one?
  19. we don't have any proper mexican restaurants here... not even TB. we do have some tex-mex places, but it's rather bland, and not nearly as spicy (read hot) food that i like.

    we got great indian / pakistani restaurants tho'. i love those thick super-hot curry sauces :)

    not to mention all the kebab places. after a beer binge at the bar, i usually go to my neighbourhood kebab place (towns best btw) to get a lamb-bab with garlic and extra hot sauce. it always makes me gassy the next day for some reason...
  20. hehehe...everyone keeps saying "TB" ^_^ i know, i know...taco bell...:D

    well as far as mexican food, were pretty hooked up down here...i guess it helps that we share the border =0P

    carne asada rocks my world!

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