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  1. i was jsut thinking and imagine this. its a history lesson in the begging so bare with me.

    in the past, dinosaurs died beucsae of heat and fire (theorized). the reason we are here is because of small animals of that time which where ancestors of an animal that burrows into the ground but is a mammal. (forgot the name of it). it surrved the becuase it burrowed low to hide form the heat and it lived off of the roots of trees.

    now here is were my theorys come into play.

    imagine life in 6 million years. imagine us how we look at dinosaurs and how they died. what if we die from pollution and everything is hell for us. but imagine a plant/animal/cell that would be made so live in those harsh conditions, while humans die off they flourish and form the new life so it can live in this enviroment.

    just imagine if its all jsut one big cycle we go through. someone is made, has a "golden age" and life flouishes, it begins to do bad, it gets so bad that something kills us off and there seems to be no hope for life on earth but then a genetically different object is made and it reproduces over and over again and the process repeats.

    kinda a deep speech so i dont expect all to understand what i mean.
  2. ive thought about this as well..its kinda like..we have no idea whatll happen and no REAL answer to what did happen...i wouldnt doubt that we'd all die off and soemthing new takes our place..maybe ginormous horror movie size bugs....
  3. Sweet, I love history and science!

    Who theorized that? What evidence did they source?

    The cretaceous-tertiary extinction still has no solid conclusion to what caused it. We know this extinction event is extremely closely related to an asteroid impact (possibly more than one). We know that this caused the environment to change, the composition of the atmosphere to be altered.

    This can all be understood by looking at the geological evidence.

    We certainly are here because of small mammals.

    (forgot the name of it). it surrved the becuase it burrowed low to hide form the heat and it lived off of the roots of trees.

    You seem to be confusing the layman definition of theory, with the definition of a scientific theory.
    This is more or less the process of biological evolution by means of natural selection. Almost all extinction events are caused by a dramatic change in natural selection pressures.

    Depending on the variance of these pressures and factors, different organisms with react differently. Additionally, all future changes in allelic frequency will have DIFFERENT advantages and disadvantages then they would have otherwise, causes new and different changes.

    Yeah, but it's a little less like clockwork than you describe it.

    Life would ideally love to flourish in a balanced equilibrium, that's what emergence seems to be driven towards. Unfortunately, we essentially live in a planetary shooting gallery, full of dangerous deadly things. It's just a matter of time until a catastrophic event occurs on behalf of astronomy or geology and changes the situation.

    Even the rate of change we can't be certain on. I mean, if the length between major extinction events is any indication of how long humanity has at the top of the ladder; we have another ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION YEARS!

    That's twice as long as it's been since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Humans will change and adapt just as much in that time, as we did in the first 65 million years. We will cease t be us, we will no longer be "human" whatever that is.

    But then again, that 120ma has a huge error-margin on it. Could be a lot long, could be a lot shorter. We really have no clue, and will probably never know until it's far too late.
  4. Hey kids!!!

    It's Darwin and the Origin of Species showwwwwwwww!!
  5. just to let you know there have been i belive 5 or 6 mass extinxtinons before and the idea you have expressed here has been played out everytime a mass extinction occurs, thus changing the vegitation and animal life on planet earth.
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    MattG3+ Rep man for blowing my mind. and just a little something about your posts, i find so many of them to be rep worthy, that the rep machine thing doesnt allow me to give you any more rep for the day.

    bro, this shit is so dope, very interesting take on the directions that evolution is heading towards. kinda scary too
  7. beyond evoluotion of life on earth another intresting concept is the evolution of our sun as it ages. eventuly it will turn into a red giant. when this occurs many scientist think that earth will be inside the outer layers of our sun thus frying all life, but not hot enough to destroy the earth it self.
  8. For a while at least, yes. Eventually our planet will be vaporized as it throws off the last huge solar flares and turns into a white dwarf. In a very cool and appropriate way, our planet, our buildings, our technology and even the atoms which composed out own bodies will be blown apart and blasted into interstellar space.

    Eventually, those atoms will become the constituents of another star, forging new elements and possible even condensing into a planet, and... perhaps even into another life and another civilization, totally alien to our own, and only connected through causality.

    I adore science.
  9. yea, science is great. its awsome.... the cycles that continue on and on and on
  10. Perhaps the new life will evolve in a way where they would never know that there were intelligent species before them, or maybe the geology might just erase it.

    That's why I refuse to believe we were the first intelligent species, there might of been other stuff that didn't leave any imprints in earth for us to notice.

    Maybe some dinosaurs evolved so quick, so "one" with nature they left for space and left no signs of it.
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    Interesting speculation, that's for sure.

    Unfortunately, as a geology nerd, I have to say that we know that isn't true. We have a pretty consistent fossil and stratification record, covering pretty much every time period from now all the way back 4 billion years ago.

    Don't get me wrong though, your idea has some good merit. All of human civilization occupies an extremely small slice in the geological time scale, and if intelligent life were to arise/arrive on earth and look for signs, they MAY have a very difficult job ahead of them.

    Although, human civilization has impacted the world in a very unique way, and we're likely to leave an incredibly distinct geological strata, much like the distinct and consistent strata we find from periods of catastrophic global events.
  12. we have already changed out atmosphere and can no longer use carbon dating for anything found after the 1940s because of nuclear technoledgie. we are not the only intelligent specis to have existed though.......

    look around you
  13. Our atmosphere changes greatly with or without us.

  14. but the way nuclear weoponary has changed our atmosphere and planet is so significant. we watched a show in my archeology class about what nuclear technoledgie has done to the planet on a geological and climatical scale. i dont knowwhat the video was called but it was really intresting. huge change man. huge

    and i am saying that humans are not the only inteligent beings walking on this planet right now. i have the idea that every living creature is intelligent.
  15. i don't think they knew any of that in the 50's. stay in character now
  16. Maltese Falcon was '41

  17. So you think big bugs are gonna come back? I was watching some shit on the History channel... err maybe the science channel... but they were saying that bugs used to be big as fuck cuz the air was different.

    SamSpade... i wish i had your writing style, nice vocabulary makes you sound professional. lol.

  18. well the book was the 30's. but duly noted. i'll try to keep my decades straight.

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