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INSANE experience yesterday!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by coldy13, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. I was completely freaking out for 2 hours yesterday. It was insane what happened. I was over at a friends house, there were 5 of us there. Me and one of the guys there kust bought an 1/8 of nugs off one of my other friends that was there. So, we smoked 3 bowls, one bowl from each of the people there that had weed. So, me and one of my friends were going to go get some food, but when we got into my car and I was about to drive away, I started freaking out. I realized what had been troubling me since I was in that house. All through elementary school and in middle school I had a re-occuring dream. Each time I had that dream it ended different depending on the choices I made. Many of the endings were terrible and I ended up dead. Very few of the endings were good. What I realized while in the car was that what had just happened in the house was exactly the same as the first part of the dream. I knew I couldn't drive away from the house then, I would have been hit pulling out of the driveway and killed. When we got out of the car, I told my friend that in a couple seconds, a blue truck would come past at at least twice the speed limit. Sure enough, it happened. We went back into the house. I was going insane at this point. Everything was happening exactly as it had happened many times before in my dream. To prove it to my friends I started messing with them, finishing their sentences and answering their questions before they even had even finished saying the first word of their sentence. It was crazy. I started searching through my memories, trying to find out which choices I had to make to have everything end up good. I was too far into the dream to take some of the easy ways out, but I remembered if I could stay at that house, inside that room until everyone else left(except my friend that was in the car with me, and the kid whose house were at), once the rest of them were gone it was safe to leave. So I stayed there, watching a movie(Jumangi) and having many conversations with myself, since it was pointless for anyone else to talk, I already knew what they were going to say so I just said it for them. This went on for about an hour until the other people left. Then me and the last person left, and everything was back to normal. This is where the dream had ended before, and in the dream everything had worked out fine in this ending.

    I know that it's hard to believe that story, but I swear every bit of it is 100% true. I'm still freaking out about it, I can't believe what happened. One of my friends that was there won't talk to me right now because he is convinced that I'm posessed. Has anyone else here ever experienced anything like that?
  2. wow man, that is pretty cool...

    never heard of that before, but feel lucky i guess?? thats awesome!!
  3. Real life Final Destiny..... fucking nuts

  4. So all through elementary school you dreamed about smoking weed at a friends house?
  5. that sounds really cool man. kinda like deja vu, except a lot longer and more clearer than normal?
  6. that's like dejavu on steroids,....

    ive had those before, but never that clear.... i think you've stoned yourself to become a psychic

  7. holy shit, that must have been scary.
  8. Wow, youve always got to trust your instincts!

    Good Luck man!
  9. when i get deja vu, i realize it like halfway through the 5 seconds that it lasts. i can tell that someone's going to talk, but not what they're going to say or anything. sounds like it would have been awesome to experience.

  10. Fucking right it was scary. I was terrified the entire time after I realized it. I was shaking and must have looked like the posessed little girl on the exorcist.

  11. I've had that before, and just that is weird enough. I don't know if I would call it awesome. It was more mind-boggling and scary than anything else. Looking at it now it just seems amazing. It happened yesterday and I can already almost not even believe that it happened. I have called everyone that was there to make sure it actually happened, and I wasn't somehow dreaming it all.

  12. Starting in 2nd grade and ending in 7th grade. About once a month I would have that dream. Each time I would make different choices and there would be a different outcome. Some choices ended up with me or some of my friends being killed. Others ended up with me driving home safely and the dream ending. I never really thought anything of it, just saw it as another dream. Then yesterday I lived out exactly what was in the dream. I just hoped that I had remembered the right choices for everything to end up right.
  13. i would read your story but u like wrote a dam book so im to lazy to read it.....
  14. krazy story, dude
    keep chokin
  15. yea but how did you what friends you were going to have when you got older and umm, yea ok liar...
  16. start sleeping with a notebook nect to your bed man........ this shit sounds like a true tallent........... shit if u see any large blonde guys in your dream that keep screaming "Smoke a bowl NOW" tell me what the hell hapens to that guy cause i really wanna know ;)
  17. Whoa crazy man. Ive had recurring dreams, but not about anything in a realistic setting, mine used to be of crazy maypole dancers then be being dragged through the darkness to crusher made from hay bales, leaving me helpless against its gravity and i would die and wake up. I just gotta look out for maypole dancing i suppose. lol.
  18. That is crazy, do u think divine intervention could have played a role??? Maybe you weren't meant to die that day and something prepared you for it for years....
  19. i wish i could do that

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