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  1. i only remember bits of it, i can't really connect the whole plot. but holy crap this dream was probably the most ridiculous dream i've had.

    i don't really know how it started, all i know is that i was on some kind of "mission" to get to " the other world" to stop some event from happening so that i could save this world. in order to get to "the other world" i had to complete some set of instructions given to me by... i don't remember.

    it was pretty funny because the instructions to get to "otherworld" came in a brochure type form, a tri-fold piece of paper that looked like it was photocopied from the original. i can't remember all the instructions, so i'll just start from where i remember, which was about 3/4 of the way through.

    i was in the mall and was directed to go to a certain store and purchase an item of discount clothing from the center of a clothing rack. i go to the store, lucky enough there was only one circular clothing rack. it was the kind with the clothes hanging around in a circle, and basically an empty space in the middle (ya know, the place where you liked to hide as a kid to drive your parents crazy). well over the center of the rack was a glass shelf with, what do ya know, a single discounted clothing item.

    what was the item? a pair of women's panties. nothing fancy, just regular panties, with horizontal blue, green, and turquoise stripes. i'm a guy, so purchasing panties was kinda weird. but not anymore weird than any other events in the dream... anyways, they were 10 cents. oddly enough i had ten cents in change from a previous purchase that i was instructed to make. it was crazy how vague yet detailed and accurate the instructions were.

    i bought the panties, and was given a receipt. it wasn't really a normal receipt, it was a couple sheets of paper filled with typed print on it, i didn't bother to read it, and an orange-yellowish sticker stapled to the top right corner it looked kind of like a road sign but was about 1/4 the size of the paper. i consulted my directions, and was told to take the receipt to another place where i was to give it to the man at the desk.

    well the other place turned out to be some kind of bus or train station... there were people buying tickets and waiting in line to get aboard some mode of transportation, i didn't pay much attention to them. i gave the man at the desk the papers with the sticker on it and he gave me a ticket and told me to stand against the wall.

    the wall was mentioned in the instructions. it was a grey stone wall, looked pretty old, ancient almost, it contrasted the modern building it was in. the instructions said to lean against the wall for about 3 minutes. "if you buy a twinkie it goes faster," said the man at the desk. it was at that point that i saw a man who was eating twinkie as i walked in get sucked into the wall. no one seemed to notice. i figured the wall was a portal to otherworld.

    so, i bought a twinkie, leaned against the wall, and ate the... well, it turned out he sold me a swiss roll, i ate it anyways. i was sucked into the wall instantly. i found myself in some kind of courtyard, alone. there was stone walls, stone statues, and grass. it reminded me of a scene from bayonetta (makes sense, considering i beat the game last week...).

    all this was towards the end of the dream, it gets fuzzy from here. what i typed was really only a small portion of the dream, maybe the middle 1/3. in the courtyard there was some kind of black cloud hovering above me.

    at some other point in the dream, or maybe an entirely separate dream, i was some girl student named chelsea in a classroom full of kids, high schoolers from the looks of it. however i thought i was still myself, and got angry when the kids called me chelsea. it was at that point that time froze and a guy in a green sports car (had similar lines to an early 90's vette, but with big rims) drove into the classroom through a wall. the car had some kind of... distortion, or aura around it, like the distortion caused by heat on a hot blacktop, a mirage effect. the car was undamaged, and so was the wall it drove through.

    the car was flanked by two motorcycles, with a similar auras. bald dudes with sunglasses and black leather jackets. the motorcycles weren't like harleys, or crotch rockets, more like a cafe racer kind of style. anyways, a man stepped out of the car and said "c'mon lets go." i asked "what are you doing here?" he said, "to keep you from doing something stupid."

    so i hopped on a motorcycle and found myself in a similar situation to the motorcycle level on bayonetta, gee, whaddayah know...

    it felt something like this:
    [ame=]YouTube - [/ame]

    anyways, those are the parts that i remember most, like i said that was maybe 1/3 of the dream. i think the guy that gave me the instructions on how to get to otherworld was the guy in the sports car. i think that eating the swiss roll instead of the twinkie messed something up on my way to otherworld so he had to come and pick me up. why i was in the body of a teenage girl i don't know.

    well, thats pretty much what i remember. melatonin is some crazy shit mannnnn :wave:
  2. wow that is quite the dream. Between buying panties and everyone thinking you are a girl named Chelsea, I have to wonder if you are hiding something. Just kidding, I am being an ass.

    Anyway the aura around the car sounds really cool, and it's even cooler that the guy was there to help you. I love detailed dreams like this, sometimes you wake up exhausted!

    I am a strong believer that dreams are a creation of our creative subconscious and they have metaphoric meanings that are applicable to our lives. I wonder what you trying to save the world represents?? Is there something you know that you wish more people knew?

    Also, it is rewarding to keep a "dream journal" (I do) and it is awesome to read your old dreams years later and be like "Oh yeah! I forgot about that!!"

    that's it from me- happy dreaming :wave:
  3. it wasn't so much "save the world". it was just some kind of mission... prevent something bad from happening. the dream was obviously heavily influenced by the video game Bayonetta, and as far as swiss rolls go, i bought my GF some of those a few weeks ago cuz she likes em, usually i never get them.

    as for the "something you know that you wish more people knew?"... well, there is a reason i'm on grasscity, and we all know rule numero uno: don't tell anyone! ;)
  4. hmmm, i wonder if drugs affect the way we dream?

    dreams dont have to mean anything, they're just dreams IMO.

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