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    So when I was in high school back in the day, my friend came over with his brand new bong.

    So we went out on the trail by my house and I took my first rip from a bong (ever). Was amazing. Took a few more, then strolled on home. We promptly went into the computer room downstairs and were chilling.

    15 minutes later my mom walks in the room, stands in the doorway. I try desperately to not make eye contact. (She would NOT be kosher with this.)

    After a few painful moments that felt like FOREVER...
    She asks "Why are your eyes so red?"

    Now here is the crucial moment..I could have said a multitude of things. I wear contacts, I could have blamed them. I could have said allergies from the walk on the trail. I could've said I was tired.

    The only thing I could come up with...and I shit you not...was:

    "His are too!!!!"

    My mom lingered there for a bit and left.

  2. Yeah it was pretty funny in retrospect. After she left my friend punched me and was like "his are too? really? WTF?"
  3. Hahaha! You win some, lose some! Too damn hard to think that quickly, lol!
  4. You shulda said..

    "why arent your eyes red?"


    "my eyes arent red, your seein things mom, have you been smoking marihuana???"
  5. I played out that whole scenario in my head and I gotta say that's pretty funny man, lol
  6. she knew me she knew :rolleyes:
  7. You sure that didn't happen yesterday?
  8. Should've told the truth all nonchalant and she would've been like...



    :rolleyes: dont forget to take the trash out.
  9. that's the one reason why i'm glad i have allergies. always my default response.

  10. This ^^ best excuse ever.:smoking:
  11. My eyes have never gotten red to the point were i need an excuse... ;)
  12. Haha that's funny i remember when my mom always asked me that i'd be like i don't know.. Eventually i got so tired of her asking me i'd be like cause im hella stoned.

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