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  1. So if I have my fan and carbon filter system on the outside of the tent due to space I have read but I am also picturing the fan sucking the sides of the tent in. Do you just control the speed or do you need another fan pushing air inside, besides your fan that circulates air on the inside of your tent? I'm doing a lot of studying before I start my venture in a couple more months. I will appreciate a little conversation or experience etc..
  2. You want the fan th slightly suck your tent in, especially if you'll be relying on a carbon filter. It's called negative pressure and will keep smells from leaking out of seems and such
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  3. Ok that's cool and sounds fine but do you need another sucking air in or just fans circulating air or vents open or both?
  4. Try to get the exhausted air and the intake air outlets as far apart as possible to keep from depleting co2.
    If all the exhausted air went right back into the tent, it would be very stale.
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  5. Ok but do I need an extra intake fan bringing air in? Or just a fan inside circulating air? Also thanks to everyone taking time to reply.
  6. Also I'm thinking about using the entire closet instead of a tent. By doing so I will have an extra 1.75 square foot of growing area.
  7. You only need an exhaust fan probably. The negative pressure will pull in fresh air.
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  8. How wiwou you vent hot air out with a 150 watt hps that has not cool hood?
  9. You'll need to do 2 things
    1. Blow a fan inside the tent on the light to spread its heat around
    2. Faster exhaust fan speed to get the heat out faster
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  10. Best of course would be to immediately extract the air after it passes over/under the fan.
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  11. This is called negative pressure, in a grow tent you want slight negative pressure when using a carbon filter.

    To negate this, merely open a side panel slightly, turn down the exhaust, or get an intake as well!

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  12. Thank you very much
  13. I appreciate it
  14. Thank you
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  15. Thank all you guys. I'm still not exactly sure how I'm going to do things. I have all these questions and have studied a lot but I really appreciate all your experienced answers

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