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Inline exhaust fan before or after carbon filter?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by gogreencolorado, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. I'm in the process of building a small grow closet and would like to know from you guys and gals if I should put the exhaust fan before or after the carbon filter, does it matter? Thanks a lot! Pics. coming soon!
  2. I put the exhasut fan on top of the filter so that its sucking air through the filter, through the lights and out of the grow room.. i have pics and a video from my grow room in my journal if that would help you out.. you should check it.. good luck mang.
  3. Thanks, nice looking grow room and plants. My grow room is almost identical in size as yours, maybe bit smaller. Good work!
  4. Either way works. Sucking from the filter is easier on the fan. Blowing into the filter makes better use of the carbon.
  5. Thanks johnk, I also have same htg HPS system, only the 250 Watt model. Does your ballast stay cool enough mounted outside the box? I have limited space and currently have mine mounted above my grow area on a shelf. I was thinking of buying an aux. fan to keep air circulated around the ballast. Do you think a aux. fan is necessary or would it be ok to leave it as is? BTW, the space is only 3X3 ft. with about 8 ft. of vertical height. Thanks again from a newbie!
  6. My ballast is inside my closet. It's cold where I live so I need the heat LOL! Keep it up on the shelf and you should be OK. GL!
  7. thanks man..
  8. johnk is right. sucking through the filter is more efficient and easier on the fan. Fans don't like back pressure too much. It puts too much of a strain on the motor and it could prematurely fail.

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