Inline carbon filter

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  1. Hey all I was just doing some research and came across an inline carbon filter. I have a 3x3 and a 4x4 and what I would like to do is hook up my 6in phresh filter at the start with a hurricane fan connected to it in one tent exhaust out of that tent to my other tent where I will hook up a inline phresh filter and ac infinity inline and vent to ceiling. Is this how they are supposed to work? I am not sure if since my tents are not the same size it will effect the pressure or something. Forgot to mention that the second tent it will be going through a air cooled hood.
  2. So:

    Filter->fan->tent 2->fan->filter?

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  3. I just ended up buying another phresh filter 6x24 and hurricane fan.
    What I was looking at though would have been, inside tent one normal 6in filter connected to fan flex duct out of tent one into tent 2 then inside tent 2 the inline filter flex ducted to the inline fan finally flex duct to vent out ceiling to attic.

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