Injustice within the System

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  1. This is a friend of mine -
    And he sent out this plea for everyone who has been treated unfairly by the system to share their story and be heard: Pajama Swag, A Call to Arms (Spread the Word)

    If you have tumblr, please reblog and if you don't but have a story, please share it.
  2. The Ultimate in Vanity
    Exploiting Their Supremacy
    I Can't Believe the Things You Say
    I Can't Believe
    I Can't Believe the Price You Pay
    Nothing Can Save You

    Justice Is Lost
    Justice Is Raped
    Justice Is Gone
    Pulling Your Strings
    Justice Is Done
    Seeking No Truth
    Winning Is All
    Find it So Grim
    So True
    So Real

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