Injustice: Gods Among Us

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  1. Injustice is by far one of the most kick ass games to ever come out on the x box in my opinion. Although the charcter list is fairly short it beats any other games of its type such as mortal combat or tekken. The fighting is always fun and intense even if you just picked up the controller and playing after a few fat bong rips and a group of people is a great time. Anyway im just recommending it to all X box owners to at least try beccause i think its pretty great

  2. Its made by nether realms. (Who did MK9) It even usesvthe exact same engine just with dc characters. Not bashing the game by any means. But its not much of a step up from Mk9 imo.
  3. friend bought it, one of the best fighting games imo. wish they had marvel in it as well
  4. with marvel it would be so badass. Playing online is just hard as shit though. I almost throw the controller at the wall trying to beat some of those people on that game haha
  5. good game, hard as fuck for the online.....i don't normally play online fighting games, but there was an achievement for it winning an online match, and i lost every match,and never got it :(
  6. Are you guys just playing it for the hell of it or do you plan on playing it competitvely? Everyone I know has been going on about this game and this is what most people are playing locally at offline casuals. I think it's a step up from MK with being able to switch between the retarded original 26 and 236 but I'm more of an airdash player. Who do you all main/sub?
  7. Well online it seems like everyone just has one character they can really kick ass with. Ive tried mastering just one player but i guess im just not skilled enough haha or too high when trying to learn but i usually like changing it up constantly i have no favorites. I was also wondering has anyone ever faced a player where you cant do anything they are so good? I played a guy who was aquaman earlier today and i couldnt even get a hit on him it was fucking unbelievable. 
  8. It's not that you can't learn, if this is your first fighter you probably don't know how to go about it. I'm not sure if the game has a challange mode where you can learn and practice combos or not, I'm also not familiar with the engine but the first thing you're going to want to do is pick 1-3 characters you are interested in learning, go into practice, learn all their movesets, what gattlings (what attacks chain together) and what can be canceled into. For example, if you did light medium heavy, or abc, they will gattling up. If you do a, b, b, a, that wouldn't combo because you're going down the chain. For example combos that often work would be something like 2a,2b,5b,6c, DP just for example, like I said, I don't know the engine, but that's the basics for learning the basics of most fighters.
  9. one of my good friends who i smoke with daily plays this game on the xbox. he also used to play mk9, went to a few competitions for mk9 and actually won some money from them. hes pretty good, knows some pretty long combo strings that get up to like 40-50% damage. not gonna lie i think he would beat any of you guys.
  10. A combo with 40 to 50 percent. Your friend would kick my ass but I have put more time into learning some combos and ive been doing a hell of a lot better 
  11. I finally beat someone online with Nightwing today..I'll admit he is quite cheap but the people online know every single move in the damn game!

    Also anyone know what other characters are being released? Really hoping for Martian Manhunter as he was my favorite character in the JL show from the early 2000's
  12. my friend just bought scorpian yesterday
    I just finished 1 player as Scorpion last night. I was a little disappointed they made him a DLC and not a secret character. Still waiting on the next character to come out.
    Good news is that Scorpion is a pretty solid character with most of his MK9 moves still intact (except his spear is a knockback move not a stun) I guess it wouldnt be a Netherealm game without their mascot. His intro and outro are pretty cool too.
  14. Its a pretty good game, but i play it casually i just can't give up on Sub Zero so i'm always back on mk9 and the clash interactive thing looks a bit lame to be honest.
  15. doomsdays special! HOOOOLY SHIIIIT
  16. Doomsday is awesome but death strokes is really bad ass

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