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injecting kief?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TranSamage, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. uh.... hypothetically, couldn\'t you dilute kief in something like whiskey and shoot it up?:rolleyes:
  2. youre so cool.
  3. gee... uh thanks, but this is a serious question.
  4. oh my bad, i meant to say shut the fuck up.

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]Whoa...very uncool. *RMJL[/COLOR]
  5. That\'s straight rediculous....
  6. Thats stupid..... People who shoot stuff are stupid period, because smoking is the fastest to reach the brain. You are NOT cool for being stupid enough to stick stuff in your veins when you could safely smoke it.
  7. LOL +rep
  8. Did you just post this exact same question in recreational? And everyone told you not to do it? could have been someone else though.
  9. Everyone stop fuckin bashing the guy just because you don\'t like his idea... GTFO of the thread if you don\'t like it... we don\'t need that immaturity here.

    Now, I have no idea if that would work, I don\'t think it would, more people probably would have heard of it by now, but if someone has any hard evidence, I think its a great idea if your into that kinda stuff (I just couldnt see myself doing it).

    At least you were smart enough to come here and ask instead of just going for it, so good thinking on that :hello:
  10. you don\'t know anything about shooting up then, because intravenous is the quickest way for anything to affect you.

    and to answer your question, I dont think it would work well because heat needs to be applied to activate the most thc. you\'d get messed up from the whiskey though. I\'ve never heard of anyone trying it though, so i wouldn\'t try and be the first, personally.

    but to each their own
  11. THC needs heat to activate it. . .
  12. um shooting up an alcohol/kief mixture is very irresponsible and immature, i agree he could\'ve been a bit nicer in voicing his point, but come on
  13. oh man this just keeps coming up.

    I distilled pure THC and shot it up.

    great time.
  14. i have reported the flaming posts already so have fun with that. in regards to your question. alc does absorb thc so i would think it would work theoreticaly if you used pure grain alc. i wouldint try it and dont advise you to but if ya do try it be sure about it. be safe.
  15. a Ronco Solid flavor injector paired with a syringe can help you inject solid hash mann... and if you shoot up icewater you get high for like 3min...

    But if you shotup a drink like green dragon (basically leave some bud in some vodka for a longass time) I bet you would get high, becaue instead of it being absorbed into your blood via stomach you get it straight up into your blood.

  16. Thats what I always thought.....
  17. yeah i assume that if you injected pure grain alcohol you would be piss drunk and like real fucked up .
    melt the keif?
    and dilute it into someting sterile or something safe enough to shoot into your veins....
    like MORPHINE!?!?!?!?!
  18. i think when junkies jhoot up, they dissolve the heroin in a spoon with veg. oil over a lighter flame, then they draw the oil/heroin solution into the syringe and shoot it up. i would think that this could potentially work fine if done the same way except with hash or kief instead of skag. this is an interesting idea
  19. ok well grain alc is unsterile, and is not ment to be shot up.

    I do agree that it is possible to break the THC down enough, that would make it possible for a IV.

    My advise-never try it
  20. if you were to shoot up alc. . . you have a great chance of dieing from alc poisoning. . . why wouldn\'t u just make some brownies or throw it on top of a freshly packed bowl for a super hit. . . the whole point of weed is to not do hard drugs and avoid the atmosphere. . . why would u want to shoot it up?
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