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Inhaling Bong Hits

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So usually when I smoke I will take a hit and clear the bowl, and then inhale the smoke in my lungs by breathing in more air through my mouth. A lot of my friends do not do this, they just take a hit and blow the smoke out. I usually get much higher then everyone else.Am I smoking correctly?
  2. Sounds like it! Sometimes I just blow out without holding it in too long. But, I like ghost inhaling a lot.
  3. I could be wrong but wouldn't that lead to oxygen deprivation followed by the death of brain cells?

    Anyway OP I think I know what you mean, like taking a nice big breath after you clear the bong?
  4. .
    I don't know about the brain cells, but my doctor claims that THC is completely absorbed within 8 seconds after inhale. He went on to say that any more than 8 seconds with smoke in your lungs kills your lungs. Something about the cilia being damaged from the prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide.
    IMO I wouldn't ghost unless I needed too. Like if I was dumb enough to take a hit in class if ghost it. Otherwise just inhale and exhale, there is no reason to kill your lungs over getting high. Just clear your hit, inhale, and exhale. 95% of thc is absorbed in your mouth as well, or so I have heard. There's really no reason to suffocate yourself.
    Btw I'm not claiming this to be 100% right, this is just what my doctor told me.
  5. Yup, you're doing it right OP. Your friends must like wasting weed.
  6. Well if not brain cells... Well your lungs are pretty bloody important.:lol:
  7. Haha just a little.. There's just no reason to hold smoke in.
  8. I always inhale a bit after I take the bowl away from my mouth.  Otherwise there'd be a bunch of smoke in your mouth/windpipe.
    Teach your friends a lesson on smoking bowls.
  9. I am not saying that i am holding it in that long. I take a hit and inhale and then exhale it. Many of my friends dont inhale the hits, and i was wondering if they are smoking incorectly

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  10. Yea i agree. I take 2 bowls and get high. They take like 7 bowls and i still get higher then them aha

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  11. OH haha I do the same thing.  I thought you meant you were ghosting every hit and I was like...  damn...  Yea you're doing nothing wrong and neither are your friends.  Some people prefer mouth hits and others prefer inhaling after.  Just don't get into the habit of holding in your smoke for extreme amounts of time, it just gives more time for the tar/resin to settle.  Even though you have a bong doesn't mean you're not inhaling tar.
    I usually breath in after a hit, but I alway exhale that hit after 1 or 2 seconds max.  
  12. Hold my hits in for ATLEAST 5 seconds, Always. I like to make the most of my marijuana.
  13. Wait, inhaling after taking a hit? Do you mean you blow the smoke out and then inhale the air around you?
  14. This is how you smoke, you're doing it right. You take in all the smoke, and then you take in air to push down the smoke and get it all nice and in your lungs, every hit. This can also help to avoid that throwing up feeling from taking in a lot of smoke at once, because that feeling seems to come from it sitting in your throat, so you suck in that huge hit and the feeling will kind of go away because the smoke is deep in your lungs, that at least seems to be the case for me. 
  15. that is a ridiculous amount of bowls to get high. Such a tolerance, all of you. how many hits do you take each bowl?
  16. Doesn't that kind of answer your question?  if you get higher than everyone else, you must be doing something right.  I mean, it's not like you're doing something wrong...
  17. that is what i've always done. lol 
  18. I just inhale and try to push it down for 3-5 seconds since thats how long it takes to absorb all the thc. 
  19. I inhale after I hit anything, be it a joint, pipe, vape or bong... It pushes the remaining smoke/vapour down into your lungs where it can actually get you high!
  20. I just milk it and inhale deeply, and blow it out. Seems like it would be pretty damn hard to pull all the smoke from a bong into my mouth unless it was a smaller bong.

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