inga from sweden.........

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  1. hello, im from göteborg, sweden.
  2. umm...could you restate the question!?!?!
  3. Welcome to the city.... enjoy your stay!!!!
  4. welcome to the city!
  5. i just recently(?) been down too amsterdam in holland and tryed there way of legalaziation(yet a strange word), in sweden or the Eu in fact has decided to ligalize(i dont even try) the use and growing of thc-free hemp for industrial usage.

    but thats the only good news for sweden for the past 30 years and problaly for the next coming 30 years or so.

    its true that sweden alongside whit the USA have one of the worlds hardest drug laws whit "zero tolerance" as standard for all usage from marihuana(i can spaell that word)to heroin.
    its surprising that sweden is the only country in the european union who when other nations decide to eas of there laws on marihuana usage do it the other way.

    in scools it will soon be a reality for kids down to the age of twelve to leave a urin test to prove they dont use marihuana.
    in prisons its standard procedure but the problem is that inmates(?) preefer to use drugs as heroin cause they dont show on drugtest or atleast they go away quicker.
  6. Welcome To The City!!!

    I would jus like to personally thank your country for all the work it has put it for making such good Pornos :D
  7. Wow, welcome to the city. Your a long way away from me but as always have a bowl and sit awhile. :)


  8. i agree welcome and porn and all
  9. welcome friend :D
  10. Welcome to the city friend. West coast USA oregon here. :)


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