Informing the Ignorant

Discussion in 'General' started by MorningTrip, May 29, 2006.

  1. Alright, so I was thinking, far too many people seem to be ignorant about Marijuana. And since I live in an apartment, I had been thinking that it would be a very efficient idea to mass print "The Truth about Marijuana" pamphlets and sticking them on everyone's door during the night. I figure this would be a very direct method in order to get people to listen and realize, as most of the "truth" is only available on the internet.

    Now I just got to find a way to get mass prints for cheap.:devious:
  2. just wondering, from your sig and avatar im assuming you enjoy other drugs.

    if im wrong this next part is negated...but why just marijuana?
  3. Well, it would be all fine and dandy to discuss a few psychedelics, but they just don't get as much controversy as Marijuana, in ratio to their lack of harm to the body.
  4. It would be a much easier way telling people the facts.. Because when you try to tell them firsthand, they believe you to be 'just another ranting stoner that knows nothing'

    On paper, in a professional format.. People may just listen!
  5. Exactly! And I could make it look really nice, fancy, and professional. It would be both educational and appealing to the eye.
  6. That sounds like an awesome idea.

    I want to see this pamphlet when your done!

    If you need any contributions or information or anything at all, I'd be glad to help! :hello:

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the support.

    NORML is doing an amazing job, but since it is all online, many people are unaware that the organization even exists.

    I think that a more public organization would educate many more people.
  8. It's funding too.

    Us drug users spend all our spare money on drugs.

    Anti-Drug organization have the funding of government and corperations.
  9. Haha, alot of schools (atleast in this area) have pamphlets against mary jane and other drugs in the front of the school, a student should take all the anti-marijuana pamphlets and replace them with the truth about marijuana ones, that'd kick major ass.
  10. This type of idea seems to be poping up a lot lately... it makes me really hopeful for the future. I'd deffinitely support something like this... but to hashbrownies, i dont mean to shoot your idea down, but if we were to put these pamphlets by the schools, it might appear as if it were premoting MJ use on kids. I'm all for telling kids the TRUTH, both pros and cons, but i think we need to win the adult world over first.
  11. yeah, in theory it's a good idea... but think of how we react to anti-drug propaganda...pamphlets won't do much's a start...but we really more widespread positive media coverage not just pamphlets but all over the net, tv, newspapers, radio...most people have thick skulls they don't heed information until it is crammed down their throats 24/7...

    i mean look at global warming the right wing controls the media so it gets little attention and people will continue to ignore it for a while longer. a major obstacle at least in the united states is that the media seems to be controlled by a few powerful people and it makes dissent not impossible but a hell of lot harder...there's few independent media outlets that get much public attention...look at fucking janet jackson's titty incident at the super bowl in 04' and the aftermath. The fcc can be a bitch...

    point is your effort would probably go unnoticed if anything it would just enrage anti-pot people. it's hard to convince people of the extreme opposite view to agree with you not impossible just really tough. marijuana is just one of those things that people agree pretty strongly on usually one way or the other with a few people that think medical mj is ok but not rec use...

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