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Informing Parent

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sooopo, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Firstly, I realize that this has probably done several hundred times, but from the threads that I saw, I feel like I have something extra to ask from you guys.

    So, I feel that the time has come to inform my mother that I smoke weed.

    I live at home 4 months of the year while I am not attending University majoring in Philosophy (where I receive consistent A's, with a few scattered B+'s), and feel rather guilty hiding this from her as we are quite close.

    She is a very logical woman, and while very anti-drugs in general, I feel that if I can successfully dispel myths/non-truths that she believes, she will be much more accepting of both marijuana and my choice to smoke it.

    So, I come to you fellows asking to help me list pre-conceived/ignorant notions about marijuana, or even subjects that are likely to come up.

    What I have so far is:
    -cancer & related illnesses
    -degradation of brain cells
    -legality/ethics of prohibition
    -addictive tendencies of said drug
    -chance of overdosage

    Now, I have quite a bit on these subjects that I feel will help to persuade her, but do you guys have any other subjects I should research? If so, any resources/studies would also be appreciated, but of course, not necessary.

    Keep on rockin' in the free world.:smoking:

    TLDR: lol, teling mum i smoke, halp!

    Edit: Oh right, I live in Canada.
  2. Tell her to watch the movie The Union.
    Also this is helpful:

    Also you can talk about the gateway theory.
  3. Generally what parents are most concerned about is the legal troubles that marijuana can bring their child, so after all that I would emphasize how you are cautious in who you obtain the mj from and where you choose to use it.

    If busted you could lose your student loan, job, potentially go to jail, etc. Parents always have their childs safety in mind so if you can convince her that you've got your bases covered well in that aspect, you'll probably be fine.
  4. @Trevo: Right, The Union. Forgot about that, thanks!

    @Xmaspoo: You're very right about that. That is something I was considering as well. Thankfully, my student loan is nonexistant due to a few grants and scholarships that require no criminal record checks. Ottawa, Ontario also tends to be very liberal towards pot, I've had cops walk by while I've been smoking and simply not care, which is something I will not neglect to mention.
  5. your major pertains to your study of medical marijuana and the future it holds towards US allowing medical marijuana and what it benefits patients.
  6. [ame=]The Union[/ame]
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    List a few of the many positive aspects of marijuana such as its pharaseutical properties [proven as an effective pain relief. medical grade marijuana is grown to have a higher CBD ( Cannabidiol ) concentration which acts as an anti psychotic, relieving the effects of depression and anxiety].

    It can also become a sligtly healthier alternative to drinking to get your kicks. With the current alcohol related death toll at nearly 800,000 this year, I prefer to have a smoke and drink a little a day, rather than potentially destroying my liver due to excessive drinking.

    You should ask is she has had any experiences with marijuana, you may be surprised. When I told my dad about my occasional social use of weed, he talked about how he used to do it when he was younger (when I was about 10, he didn't even share lol).

    Piomelli: "Anything done in excess is bad for you." Sensible is safe :D

    Hey, if all else fails, you could just spark up and pass it on to mum. I'm sure she'd respect your choice then lol. :smoke:

    Hope all goes well =D

  8. Thank you for posting the link to the Marijuana Myths, they are really interesting. I can't tell if they are 100% right, but they sure are interesting.

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    I don't think what you say is as important as how you come across, so try not to worry about what facts or data you'll tell her. The important part is, is that you don't make this too much about yourself. You are concerned about her concern for you. If you want to plan saying anything, let it be that. If coming out to your mom really worries you, I would suggest talking to one of her close friends first who likes both you and your mother. If you can get them to understand your reasons and concerns, perhaps they could be there, or perhaps you could mention it in their presence, and just have an honest discussion about it as an icebreaker. Anyway, try to avoid giving her a giant list of benefits to cannabis use, that most likely won't convince her. She doesn't like the idea of you smoking because she has been exposed to a mixture of good reasons and propaganda. Make sure you identify with her good reasons first like one of the previous posters said, getting arrested. You know your mother best, so how do you plan to ease her concerns of you getting arrested? Best of luck to you, just remember to wait for the right time to have an honest conversation.

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