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  1. Hey everyone just wondering if my plants are alright for being 42 days old. The first two weeks I had just ceiling lights on them...I know right lol. So they looked like 3 day old plants but learned from my mistake and now have three 150w cels on them. They were all cool blue but changed one to warm white cause I think I'm going to start flowering soon. They about 13 inch in a 10inch pot. The strain is arjan haze 3 and suppose to be one of the shortest sativas out there if not the shortest. I also burnt a few leaves off after putting cfls too close at beginning. All I know is the sun works wonders compared to cfls. And I do have fan running in the room and water everywhere for humidity. And no I don't have any ph tester or anything like that. They about 8 inch away and where 4 inches when burnt them. Any advice would be nice.

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  2. Your plants look nice, but small for 42 days.Do the cfl's have a reflector or just shinning openly? Reflectors would help.Your humidity shouldn't be a problem controlling through regular watering.
  3. Your wasting your time if you don't have an HPS bulb on em. Go grab yourself a 400 watt veg for another 2 weeks then toss in flower. Yeah and anuffstuff is right, don't worry about humidity unless its in the 20% range.
  4. I just realized I bought 4100k lumen cfls and not 6500k. But I'm going to start flowering soon. No reflectors but my house is secluded enough that I can put the by window and get Lots of sun but its winter right now so kinda screwed there. They r a small strain suppose to be smallest sativa around
  5. And i think they have to much nitrogen cause they pretty green and couple leaves r curling down on edges of one plant
  6. I'm planning on using mostly sunlight for flowering
  7. Give a shot.Even though using window light, I would still supplement with cfl with same timing as sun setting.The plants may be over watered or over feed.If over feed flush and see what happens.
  8. Thanks bro. I'm going with over fed cause every watering I added nutes which I'm not doing now. And have 3 42w soft white cfls for 2 plants hope it enough
  9. You should be alright, but as always, more light the better.You could get the light a little closer if you had air moving across the top of plants between light you'll be good.
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    I recommend LEDs and small stealth boxes for newer growers or if you have space just get all the stuff to do it right. Those look pretty bad for 42 days old. As you said they were grown in improper conditions.
  11. Using just sunlight from a window WILL NOT WORK... Trust me you need a 400 watt HPS and black out your windows. It's an 200-300 investment and you'll actually be able to learn how to grow once you get it.
  12. When should I take a clone?

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