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  1. i got some earlier for 25 a g he said it was some good stuff idk to much about this
    its mostly white powder and then some yellow flakes anyone help me out here
    does anyone of any pics of thier own and help me put what to look for next time i get it
  2. yo if ur gettn coke for 25 a g its DEFINETLY not pure coke.. its mixed with crushed up pills or sumthin.. ha yellow flakes wtF?
  3. ino its not pure didnt say it was he didnt say it was
  4. do your gums get really numb when u take a little rock and rub it against them? if yes, then its probably above average/average...

    what i look for is shinyness and smell... (and of course chunkage hah)
    If you take a whiff and it makes you want to take a shit then its usually good stuff.
  5. i dunno about that man, people put pretty fucked up shit into coke, chances are your gnna get a dose of somethin you dont want in your body, round here a gram of flame goes for the 50
  6. 60 around here i think..

    and yah my bad.. about the pure coke shit..
  7. when looking at a rock, look for scaly texture, white colour.
    the reason you wouldn't want impure coke is that you're sticking a bunch of crap in your nose for no reason, not getting high off the same amount of insufflated substance. look for a purification technique online.
    see if you enjoy it, try small lines, get bigger.
    google and erowidulate coke, see what you come up with . there are tons of images of pure cocaine.
  8. its iiight
    i put a little on my tongue i wouldnt say it got numb but it felt different maybe ill try later tonight
  9. at 25 a g its probably some garbage yay.

    I get fishscale for 40 a gram around here, and thats only cuz i know someone .... its usally 60 a gram.
  10. zero speaks tha truth
  11. Personaly, I say, leave that shit alone. But

    Yellow isn't always bad. The white could be the cut. I've watched my old dealer cut me a 1/4 lb. off a key, and it always had a yellow tint to it. It really depends on the source and the process. Diesel fuel and Kerosene can give it a yellow color. I've seen coke with a pinkish/purpleish tint. That shit rocked me. Smooth as hell. Instant wire. My info comes from my old source, so I'm not claiming to be right. But considering that was his life,(he was surrounded by many kilos) I trust he knew a little about the stuff. I was getting kick ass shit that wasn't all cut. I don't reccomend it, but I used to cook it up. You definately know if it's good by the amount you get on the return. It always came back for me.
  12. Hmm doesent sound to great to me man. Post pics and we will let you know.
  13. coke can be white, yellow or pink; it can look like fish scales, or baby powder; depends on who and where it was made.
    rub a little between your fingers, it should melt right away and it feels kind of like oil, but if you feel anything hard, kind of like grains of sand, or if it doesn't melt right away then there is probably more cut in there than anything else.
    taste it, if your tongue doesn't get numb right away, then the percentage of coke is very low.
    people will put almost anything in there to cut, it not easy to find un-cut coke, I don't recommend you put that shit in your nose if you are not too sure about it.
  14. I wouldn't (in the past) buy it as powder. It should be chunky. Powder means it has more than likely been cut, and chances are the little yellow flakes are the actual coke. The white shit could be B12, baby laxative or actually this stuff they sell called Cut.
    Powdery usually = shit

    Chunky can be cut too. It's what we called re-rock. They would take the coke ( all the keys I have seen were a solid piece) crush it up with whatever they are cutting it with. Then they would mist it a little with water, form it back to chunks, then bake it on low heat.
  15. Hmmm, Being In NJ maybe I can help ( not trying to brag. But, NJ= Fishscale..)

    It goes for $50-$60 a gram. What we look for:

    You look for larger chunks.

    BRIGHT white. Like, a crystal/ pearly white. Bring a pin with you. If he doesn't mind ( If it's good shit, he won't). You ask for a pinner line/Test line. If he doesn't want to, then you don't want his supply.

    When you see it, put a small amount on your gums. If they get pretty numb, it's nice quality. When you do the tester line, take it a bit slow, and see how it feels. If it burns, the quality is a bit lower.

    Optimally, fishscale is what you want. If you're in the Northeast, it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    If you get numbies, and the line goes down smooth, wait 15 minutes. By then, you'll be feeling it. If you feel good, it's good shit, make the buy.

    $50-$60 a gram is about right.
  16. fishscales are made with lots of bleach and acetone, it burns when its pure, makes your body very rigid and most likely your nose will bleed; that shit goes for $2 a gram down here, since I am next to colombia, and its the worst you can get; there are much better things around.
    If you see pink coke, that is what you want, its made in bolivia and its better and anything that comes from colombia....
  17. Isn't a pink or purpleish coke due to it's process? I was told that ether is used instead of other harsh fuels. You being in that part of the world would know better than I.
  18. these yellow flakes i would deff say they are fish scale the powder i dont no. but i put some on m tongue and its numb maybe i didnt get good quality but its working. not to many people hear sell it. and the people that do probably get it from the same supplier. maybe ill ask him if he can just give me the fish scale next time
  19. we get good coke in california. I dont claim to know a lot about the stuff since i've only done it a few times. Its always been chunky and white... instant numb, the worst drop (in a good way). This kinda makes me wanna do some again lol. I'm just scared i'll end up stealing tv's and stereos to buy crack 5 years later :-O I feel safe with my dank

  20. I don't know what you're putting up ya nose...

    The fishscale in NJ, DEA tested, was 95-99% pure... It's the best shit I've had. One nice line, and your face goes numb, haha. Bleach and Acetone? I don't want the stuff by you bro...

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