Influences, its either one or the other.

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  1. We are all influenced by one thing or another. These influences are what mold us. You know those anti drug commercials "Be Above the Influence"? Is it even possible to overcome an influence in your life when in reality it already has influenced you in a way?

    Is being influenced a choice or just something you will have to learn to control. There's positive influences and negative ones. If you arent being influenced by something positive does that mean your life is in the negative?

    The way we let things influence us can help change the daily life of an average person. Lets take Music as an example. If you listen to a certain type of music it'll influence your mood in a way other than what a different music genre will.

    Are the change of influences as important as changing anything else in your life?
  2. Some people let influences take over their life, like they don't have a mind of their own. Those people I hate
  3. Care to go into detail about this?

    I feel with a lack of peace of mind, influences can corrupt a persons well being. Which then the negative influences stack up till the person breaks down. Could that be the reason with so many lunatics?
  4. I think it very well could be man, I think there are people who care about what others think of them, and then there are who people who don't give a fuck.

    Referring to my earlier post, one of my best friends has become so douchey because he hangs around douches now. But he has had like 15 different random dudes that he would hang out with like crazy for a couple months and becomes a clone (if you will) of that person in that time. He's done this the last 2 years but before that he was a hilarious genuine friend
  5. I understand. My bestfriend was cool until he started hangin with this dude I went to school with before I graduated. He was a shady dude, now I feel the same characteristics from my friend so I dont really talk to him anymore.

    We really do become influenced by the people we are around in ways.
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    The better question is why are you so concerned with other people?

    I've met so many people in my short life that care more about others than themselves. It's sad.

    They try to preach this and that but really what they are saying means nothing. They just talk and talk and they get so annoying after a while. You realize so many people just talk out of their asses.

    But yeah. Influence is great man. You can influence people and stuff.

  7. Perhaps he's trying to identify influences he's unaware of.

    A better question than yours is why are you not contributing, but instead trying to make little of the topic he's made?

    Influences are only as important as the change they have on your life. Only you can understand the entirety of that importance, and the majority of the time it will have to be understood as it's happening - unless you know of a way to negate stimuli. The saying, "Hindsight is 20/20," seems to fit into this.
  8. I see how much you let people influence you. Be careful.
  9. So much so that you even made a meme to further display it :laughing:
  10. Whatever I thought it was pretty funny.

    You get my point.

    Stop reading into things too much.

    Btw you're sig is cool.
  11. Thank you :)

    It applies to everyone.. until they piss me off :laughing:
  12. Life is influence. Even the hermit living in the hillside cave is still influenced by his experience, or interpretation of it. Influence actually creates, defines, how we see the world. The kind of things we do, people we see, music we listen to, films we watch, places we go, things we think, beliefs we hold, etc, all influence us all the time. Even when experiencing the now, in the present, without mind, when there should be as little influence occurring, it is still happening, just more subtly.

    We can learn to minimise influence that impacts on us negatively by avoiding advertising and marketing, the media in most forms, accepting the ideas of others just because they seem authoritative, especially when in the guise of religious doctrine.

    Once we clear out the effects of the old influences, or at least stop compounding them with the same shit, a space begins to open, that allows for a better class of influence to be sought out, one that enhances rather than controls. Expands rather than contracts. Then, the idea of being influenced at all need not be as inevitable as it once was, or at the very least, it is easier to allow in only what actually works for you, while discarding/keeping out, that which does not.
  13. I see what you're saying, but I really dont care if people listen to what I talk about lol I just say it, to say it. And i'm only trying to expand my mind of some topics that really interest me.
  14. So being "Above the Influence" is such thing even possible? When mostly everything in our daily lives influence us in ways we sometimes dont notice
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    According to straight edge people and the government, the influence of drugs will lead a person's life into turmoil, despair, weak of reaching to one's goal but does this necessarily happen with Cannabis or is it the people that use Cannabis along with other drugs. Not judging just wondering, also you can break down influences to internally and externally, internally would be more focused on the mind, building knowledge, interests, desires while externally would be friends, partying, culture, relationships, recreational activities etc so maybe Cannabis influences us in both ways while people only look at it an externally viewpoint but missing the internal point of what the drug offers.
  16. Right, because they're influenced by the commercials and government saying its a gateway drug.

  17. Exactly.

  18. So, like over half the general population? :smoking:

    (nice avatar by the way)

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