Infinite Universe?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Murmuration, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I have heard a couple of times that people believe the universe to be Infinite. Now obviously there is no way to prove this, or prove anything to the contrary as we have no observational experience beyond the small piece of the universe that we can see.

    Now, if space were to be infinite, then I see it only logical that with infinite space, and infinite particle collisions, then that means there is INFINITE possibility of EVERYTHING happening, therefore meaning, that there is an infinite amount of 'You's' reading this article, but it also means that there is an infinite amount of 'You's' with purple hair. But also everything that could of ever possible happened, or has happened, or ever could possibly happen is existing somewhere. But even that, is happening an infinite amount of times.

    This is the only way I see to argue against the claim that space within the universe is infinite. But maybe, that is the case, and the universe is that ridiculously mind numbing.

    We are but a spec within a sea of possibility.

    Thoughts and Discussion below please! :)
  2. We don't have "proof", but we have stronngly supported theories and laws. I think right most astrophysicist believe the universe tto be a closed system which means non infinite ssince perpetual motion is impossible.
  3. I think maybe the universe is infinite to human comprehension. Any understanding of it is irrelevant to our mortality.
  4. The universe is full of infinite possibility. Anything that can be imagined exists on some level. Whether we'll ever realise it or not is another thing.

    As TS said, it's not really relevant to our little lives to look at it this way. It's good to try and see the bigger picture now and then as it helps keep things in perspective. The most important thing is perspective.
  5. I don't believe in infinity. There is a way to experience the totality of reality, and that experience in itself makes it seem like reality, or perhaps better stated, everything that we know or are aware of and make believe that is reality, is actually very little. Needless to say, it doesn't stretch on forever but is enclosed in a space that doesn't ever extend beyond itself.

    The width of the universe is no longer than the width of a blade of grass.

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