infected mushroom in phoenix

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  1. who is going?

    me and 4 friends got tickets last night for the show tonight out at the stratus club near the az state fair grounds. at like 23rd ave and grand area.

    just thought i would mention it to any phoenicians who are into them considering that i found out through a friend myself, and also know that they arent advertising for it. cool thing is the tickets are only like 23 bucks after all the fees and shit. show starts at 8 goes till 4 am.

    says the tickets on sale til like 5 pm tonight, so get on this shit and join me. we are gonna be rollin heavy. not thizzin. i hate that word. its so retarded. it makes no sense at all.

    but i would love to meet some fellow GC residents there. ill be the guy in the paintball mask all colored up in black light paint. gonna be sick as fuck.

    take me to the city of the future.

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