Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by RMJL, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Hi ya, baby!!!

    So, tell's your morning?

    LOL! I'm too lazy to hunt down the "Good Morning" thread! :D
  2. Hiya RMJl!!! I was just readin' you're PM... :) My morning's going great!! Good strong cup of coffee, a nice little 1000 post tribute thread freshly written last night, and of course a big fat joint to celebrate it being Saturday!!!

    How ya been doing? Recovery good? You've been in my thoughts as of late. Okay, quick....spark up a jay RMJL, and we can get high together!!
  3. I am much better. Thanks for asking!

    I'm firing it up now so...YAY!, we're getting high!!

    My morning is kicking ass and my afternoon is approaching. I was just thinking that I needed to get off my ass and get busy doing the things that I need to do but hell, why not get even higher with Indy!!!

    Who else wants in? We can get a cool circle going! :D
  4. Love the coffee and a good wake and bake so
    this hit i pass to you...

    good morning
  5. *Furious happy dancing*

    Ohhhh.... That got me a little light headed!! Jump on in here with us ya'll... It's the Saturday morning wake and bake!! Okay, okay, so I got up a little late!!

    I need to get off my ass too, but have come to the conclusion that we'll burn these off first RMJL!!



    Gasp.......... :)
  6. Cool, seeofgreen!!! :)

    Now...I see Bongish baby....but he isn't here....

  7. I see Zia, too...

    You know, I really do love life. It fucking rocks. Look outside and really think about what you see. fucking cool is a tree? Some produce fruit for us to eat and some have flowers like Magnolia trees...and they are beautiful!!!

    How many of you can say you're as high as I am right now??? :D

  8. Hehe babe.... I am! I am!! Can't stop laughing. How fucking cool is a tree? Pretty fucking cool!!!!!

  9. I love pickin my trees of there fruit,
    its the best part about waking up,with a coffee that is.
    i know what your talkin about
  10. I love nature. Bees are cool too unless you're allergic. I'm not allergic so I dig them. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...all they wanna do is get high with all that buzzing.

    The creek...I might go down to the creek before I get busy doing the things that I'm supposed to be doing that I have a feeling aren't going to get done. LOL!

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