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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stonersunite, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I am getting ready to start my first season of growing with a very close friend. unfortunately we are not able to grow indoors(yet). We're only growing higher indica strains now. I need some tips on good ways to induce flowering outdoors. I don't have anywhere nearby to transplant the plants inside to start the 12/12 cycle and the only other thing I have been able to think of to start the 12/12 cycle is to cover the plants. I'm going to start the seeds in early april and i'm planning on flowering them in June so the natural 12/12 cycle won't even be close to starting. Is there any good material to use to cover the plants that will lessen the chance of the plants getting too hot and burning? Any ideas or tips are very much appreciated.
  2. Yes, covering the plants will work fine if they do not start flowering by themselves outdoors. Just use a garbage bag or blanket.
  3. I'm thinking your average blanket will be too heavy, and worry about the ventalation on a garbage bag.
  4. You could try a large cardboard box with a few small holes either side of it, posibily a few holes in the garbage bag (although not enough to let lots of light in).
  5. Last Year I used a Dark brown tarp and PVC supports worked great. Have also heard the garbage bag idea a lot, but I never liked useing them to much work. My plants were in my backyard so in the field the bags may be easier.. GOOD LUCK..choke with ya later..
  6. hey and while your at it you could add some bright yellow covering with some lights and sirens too.
  7. Thought someone would say something like this. As I said My ladys were in my backyard and looked simular to a covered woodpile, and we had privacy fence all around so I wase'nt noticed moveing the setup every afternoon and morning....choke with ya later...

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