Indoors CFL / outdoor sunshine?

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  1. Hello all, got a question here...
    I have two flowering females, been in 12/12 for 4 weeks and are budding up nicely.
    But heres the question. Should I continue taking them outside during the day, or will I not really be benefitting from the hassle?
    They vegged and did their 1st two weeks of flowering indoors under a combined (actual) 300 watts of very close CFLs.
    For the past 2 weeks I have been carrying them outside for some of this intense TX sun, which seemed to be very good for them.
    Due to a sudden turn in weather (much rain, little sun, colder than usual) I have had them back indoors under the lights for two days.
    Thanks much and happy growings !!!!
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    Leave them inside.  You're just asking for bugs and/or hermies taking them outside.
  3. Please post pics
  4. Will put up pics this evening...not that they will impress anyone around here though ! hahahahahaa!

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