Indoor WW - yellowing veins after topping

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  1. Good day,

    This GHS WW is 17 days. Topped for the first time yesterday. I noticed a little yellowing in the new growth, almost looks like stripes.




    Lights: 200W CFL with 6 23W 6500K CFLs for side lighting. On/Off : 20/4
    Soil: FFOF with 3 tbs Dolomitic Lime, 1 Cup worm castings
    Watering: 1.5 gallon RO water with 1 tsp Big Bloom, 1 tsp Epsom Salts, 1/4 teaspoon FF Bat Guano (0-5-0), 1/2 tsp Kelp Extract.

    Last Watering 5/26. Previous watering 5/21.
    pH of run-off: 6.5
    Temps: mid to upper 70s

    Planning on switching to 12/12 under 400W HPS, but am thinking I should wait and get a handle on the leaves???



  2. Good eyes man! And great job of giving lots of info. At first glance it kinda looks like early mag def, my blueberry did this to me and it got a lot worse almost over night. I also see some slight rust spots forming on the edges, this could be a number of things, including a mag or calcium shortage.

    But with the lime & epsom you're using, I don't see how that's possible unless the ph is low. 6.5-6.8 is about perfect for soil so unless that reading is off (calibration maybe?) then I don't think it's ph. Both get locked out below 6.5 so maybe raising your water ph a bit could help.

    The last suspect I have is early signs of nute burn. I've seen a few people complaining about FFOF lately, perhaps it's a hot batch and at 17 days that's right about when they start feeding for real.

    Hope this helps some, I'm not sure so I'm just throwing some stuff out there. You're catching this very early so perhaps it will become clearer as it progresses. Another symptom or two might help narrow it down some, ph & burning can look the same since burning can cause low ph!
  3. Based on everything you mentioned feeding the plant thus far my first instinct points to a little burning.

    I would try watering without food for a bit, see if the problem clears up.

  4. Thanks Southern! Plain RO was going to be the next watering, looks like it maybe more of a flush that a water though... ;):(

    Thanks Ed!

    Sort of a Catch 22 isn't it?? :p

    I'll calibrate my pen and see what it looks like at the next watering. Their next watering was planned to be plain RO, which right now looks like a good plan ;)

    My first inclination was Mag deficiency. I have been battling that on each of the girls in the FFOF so far this go'round. Which makes me hope that the Mag def was just rearing it's head and my preemptive strike of epsom hit it just in time (boy wouldn't that be lucky :D).

    Or, I'll be flushing her out Saturday or Sunday :wave:
  5. Quick update:

    This has to go down in the books as one of the luckiest strokes of dumb luck... They are totally showing Mag def, but looks like it has halted dead in it's tracks do to the epsom salts... Nothing like a little preemptive strike for good measure saving the day ;)
  6. That's awesome! Makes sense too, I was like how in the hell can she be wanting more? But yeah you gave it to her right on time LOL Good job man, you are off to a great start :smoking:
  7. looks to me like the start of k def ;)
  8. The edges certainly seem to give a nod in that direction, but I ruled it out on my list due to this happening on the newer growth, K normally hits the older leaves first and the plants are almost always stretchy and stunted when it sets in. But that's 'normally' LOL Sometimes they have a mind of their own :rolleyes:

  9. Could be... I would like to think that the kelp would give enough of a boost to overcome that...

    That's what I was thinking was if it was the older leaves, but new growth... deep breath... patience.... I'll keep my eye on her....

    Here's what they are doing today...


    The new growth after topping is REALLY yellow-green. Which has me more concerned than anything else...

    I have a feeling that a good bunch of fresh RO water is what she wants...
  10. Maybe a little soon to be feeding BB since your FF already has a supply that would last at least 17 days, early Nute burn...just my two cents...:D

  11. Could be... I was thinking that BB is such a weak fert that using it at 1/2 strength would be safe enough to not burn 'em..

  12. maybe it needs magnesium try some epsom salt

  13. That is what I thought, so I watered in some Epsom salts last watering.

    However, I think there is a pH issue. I watered some RO into the soil today to flush a bit, checked the run-off, measured 5.8 :eek:. Don't know how that happened, but freaked me out a bit.

    Decided to run two more gallons of RO @ 7.2 through the soil to bring up the pH. Also worked in 1.5 tbs of dolomitic lime as well to raise the pH and stabilize the soil.

    Run-off after the 3rd gallon was an acceptable 6.4. Don't want to push it too fast so I let it go there and will see what happens.

    Thanks for the help y'all :wave:

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