Indoor Questions (Warning Total Beginer)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jackrabbit_988, May 19, 2006.

  1. Okay this would be my totally first time growing...I want something small and tasty. I dont have much space at all. It would be totally secret as unfortunatly I still live with my parents. What do I need? How much space will I need? I want only one plant at a time. Is it possible?
  2. anythings possible man, but dont grow unless they give you the greenlight or you move out... you could lose your house and it would all be your fault. but you would need about 2.5' - 3' in height and about a 1.5' - 2' deep and wide... dirt, seeds, water, light. but i dont recommend since parents.
  3. When you put it that way it doesnt sound like a good option...i was just hoping i guess. :) no worries im still gona be tokin:smoke:
  4. lowryder are very small thc 10-15% thc about 12inches high
    no need for diffrent lighting patterns cause it skips the vegitation stage
    good luck let me know how you get on
  5. if you cant do indoors go outdoors feminzed seeds is the way to go also one outdoor plant with 10 hours of direct sun per day should yield more than 8 oz's so go for it

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