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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sonyvaio2, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. i picked up a solid plant from a friend, he just started budding two days ago at 12/12, and didnt have the room for it. i want to put it outside cause the hours switched to 12/12 were i am right now. the weather is perfect condition for it, but im wondering the time the plant will be finshed the hours will be at the most 15. will that mess up the budding cycle having the hours increase like that.
  2. It will most likely start flowering then go back into veg for a normal outdoor cycle.
  3. will it finish its flowering cycle though, the plant i have is a strong indica and has short flowering time, just about two months, were the sun will still be under 15 hours light.
  4. The main factor is the light cycle. Right now the days are getting longer.
    IMO if they go outdoors they will start going into veg either right away or very soon. At the most they will flower for just a few weeks, hopefully less, which is not a full flower cycle.
    The good news is, I have had plants that had gone way too far into flowering before being put outside. The plants will go back to veg and look really narly, with single leaves everywhere, for a while . Then they will grow perfectly fine the rest of the way.

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