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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ahhpot, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to come across some premo seeds in a bag of mine. I have sense started them on a veg cycle of near 24 hour light using a combination of cfl's and natural light from the window. I am hoping to grow these young buds (they have just sprouted) large enough to harvest. My plan is to continue to keep them on this 24 hour light cycle untill they can be put outdoors on my porch which would trigger flowering.

    The reason i am doing it this way is i would like to grow these plants outdoors in my garden but it is already late August so i dont know how this would affect brand new buds if i put them outdoors.

    I am planning on possibly getting a small lighting system to veg them up more in doors but space is limited. How many watts are needed to veg up 3-6 plants? Also any lighting solutions i can make myself from parts from home depot or wallmart are appreciated.

    The indoor grow space is the size of a small walk in closet, ventilation isnt a problem.

    I also would appreciate any tips for what to do after i veg them up. Would it be feasable to place them out on the porch to flower? I live in florida on the +28.589077 paralell so no significant threat of freazing as i can bring them indoors and its generally nice weather all winter long.
  2. bump for info please :(

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