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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Yerba, May 10, 2002.

  1. Well between me and my two friends we have a plan that i believe nobody has either tried, but deffinatly nobody as talked about! We live in a very urban area but we can't offord (for safty reasons) to grow it in our own homes. So what we planned is to use one of our "friend's" house. We have access to this "friend's" roof (he lives in an apartment building, remember it's urban). On his roof there's another section that is elivated about 8-9ft. On top of there we are going to plant our lil babies. But because there are building around and for other safty reasons we are inclosing it in a large box. We've ordered seeds that only grow to 3-3.5 feet so our bos is about 4.5 ft tall, 4.7ft long, with a width of 3.5ft.. WE are covering it with tarp paper, like what's on the roof already for camouflage. In here we are planning to place 2 4ft flourecent bulbs (Not sure what wattage yet). We are tapping into the apartment buildings energy supply. This is an apartment buildings of all hindu's so, so nobody gets suspicious we are going to take turns to go up there and water ect between the 3 of us. I believe it is going to work but we still have a few odds and ends we have to look into...
    If there is anybody that finds anything they think will help or point out any problem please do! I'll keep you all posted so you can see if it works or not.
  2. Just dont build this thing inside hoping to get a 3.5 ft box through the door.... lmao.... happy growing on the roof though, hope no helicopters fly in yer neiborhood!!

  3. Be careful,,security first....While covering it with black tarpaper will make the box less apparent,it will heat up very well under the sun's rays..If I may suggest,covering the outside of the box with 2 inch foam (blue or pink Dow).before covering with tarpaper,,that will certainly help....

    Be safe......peace

  4. Speaking of heat, how do i come about to ventilate such a thing. My friends and I have come up to a lil idea. On top of the box we are going to place a "Piramid" a top will be put on as a form of pirimad top larger the the box.. held up by 4 sticks on each edge of the box. Since the piramid is larger then the respected box, there fore there will be plenty of froom from the edge of the piramid to the edges of the box.. This will give enough space so that a vent on the roof of the box. There with soem type of fan in place could ventilate and still keep ppl from seeing the light on a dark day...?
    Might work... have to see if you can even impliment that! Well any ideas are needed!


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