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  1. IMG_4427.JPG IMG_4428.JPG IMG_4417.JPG IMG_4419.JPG IMG_4421.JPG IMG_4424.JPG Hi all,
    I've been doing some research & it seems as though I need to give my girl approx 20-24 hours of light per day during vegetation stage to enable max growth.
    In OZ at the moment, We are lucky to be getting 13hrs of sun per day.

    I've decided to take her indoors at night under some lighting I just quickly setup, with a fan running near by on low speed (just so it blowing the leaves a little). I'm hoping this will accelerate her growth, what are your thoughts?

    The lights I'm using are cool white LED downlight globes, spares I had lying around (refer to photos). They are cool white colour & approx 750 lumens, they cost me approx $80 per globe, which I believe are high end. apparently they are equivalent to 50w-70w halogens globes, but these led's use up much less power.

    Being new to this; I'm concerned I may be doing something wrong which may damage the plant.

    Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

  2. Looks a little bit stretchy, you should look into topping her and other training methods like low stress training to keep her short and go for as many colas as you can, basically just try to keep a even canopy. CFLs are a pretty cheap and easy way to grow indoors with decent results, just connect a bunch of Y splitters to each other to make a little fixture like this

    I bought a cheap viparspectra 300w led grow light off amazon just to try out, probably going to buy a couple more as the plants grow because they seem to be working just fine.
  3. Thanks mate, so u think I should top or fim? + some LST?
  4. IMG_4437.JPG IMG_4439.JPG Ok, just topped it. I Cut top at 45deg. See photos
  5. Yeah you can probably work something out from there, i'd probably just tie her down so that all that growth below can get light and become colas, give her time to recover from topping just a few days. You should really try to plan it out tho you'll probably need to transplant soon and get some quality dirt if you want a happy plant. My personal favorite along with many others is fox farm ocean forest, or you can look up a recipe and mix up your own dirt.
  6. IMG_4383.JPG IMG_4384.JPG
    Cheers gummsy...
    Already started to add a little great white + sum Calimagic. Perlite on its way in a couple of days also to help with drainage.
  7. In regards to lighting, I think I'll continue with the current lighting but add double the amount of gloves. Instead of 2, I'll use 4 led globes... hopefully that'll be enough light for her?
  8. IMG_4442.JPG IMG_4443.JPG IMG_4447.JPG IMG_4448.JPG IMG_4449.JPG IMG_4450.JPG IMG_4452.JPG Hi all,

    Just trying some LST, see photos...
    Am I doing this correctly?

    Also after topping will i be seeing any sign of damage to the plant for a couple days?

    Thanking u in advance
  9. Hi,
    I topped her yesterday!& today she doesn't look so well. Droopy leaves & even some yellow on leaves. Overall colour of leaves have darkened a little.
    Could this be the cause of topping? And will it recover?

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