Indoor Hydro Dutch Passion White Widow

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    Quick Updates

    December 6th Strawberry D-lite has begun the germination process

    December 2nd WhiteWidow aka Lady Gaga transplanted into rockwool

    Beginning the germination process tonight using the water in a cup method

    Next update will be when I transplant to the rockwool

    Equipment available for use but not limited to,

    Current watts 249w

    1- 150w Sun System HPS
    4- 225 LED Quad Band light panels
    2- 225 LED Red panel (added for flowering cycle)
    1- Florescent light w/ 3000k and 4200k bulbs.
    1- Grow Tent 48x24x60 lined with mylar
    1- DWC System & electric air pump
    1- Medium Round Air Stone
    1- 8 slot power strip w/ surge protection
    1- TDS w/ temp indicator
    1- Bottle of calibration liquid for TDS
    1- 10inch fan
    1- 8 inch fan
    1- 5 inch fan
    1- 15lbs of Hydroton
    8- Gallons of distilled water only
    2- PH testing liquid
    1 box- latex gloves for handling
    1 set- Flora series nutrients
    1- Bottle of Flora nectar
    1- Bottle of Floralicious Plus
    1- Bottle of M.O.A.B. (flowering nutrients)
    1ea- PH up, PH down
    1- Heavy-duty digital timer
    1- 30x magnifying glass
    1- Hygrometer ($8)
    1- Sheet of Black/White Plastic

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  2. Finally, the seed germinated and is now tip down in the rockwool
    Took a little over 2 days to germinate but I guess its to be expected after being stored for a little over a year
    The fresh ones seem to pop within a day

    I will introduce the HPS as soon as the plant breaks the surface
    Also I had a little surprise this morning, my air pump failed to work :(
    So I made the DWC into a passive system using capillary action to keep the seedling watered for now

    More to follow :wave:

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  3. Got a name for my White Widow, Lady Gaga :smoke:
    Got a new pump and mounted the HPS yesterday
    So far so good


  4. Grabbed a seat to watch your grow.:smoke:
    Looks good too me, I still haven't grown hydro yet so I'm not sure what I'm looking at haha but looks like things are going good if you ask me.

  5. Thanks and hydro is the first and only way I have been doing it since I began my growing career :p
    Everything is going so smoothly that I decided to germinate another one
    Now I need another light in a few months ><
  6. Lowered the light 14" from top
    Still waiting on the strawberry d-lite to pop, should be any day now

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    Ended up aborting the strawberry D and began the germination process for sour ak from G-13 Labs Friday Dec 9th

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  8. Finished feeding lady gaga today
    She seemed hungry so I fed her a little earlier than I planned but its all good

    As far as the Sour AK goes it is in a cup of water so I expect it to pop within a day or so
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    So far so good
    I can already tell that the widow loves her some nutes
    After the feeding she is beginning to take off

  10. She's getting big. :smoke:

  11. Yea she is
    Had to throw in an auto because my other seeds failed ><
    Roadrunner from dinafem
  12. Geeze I hate when seeds just don't want to grow.
    Happened to me recently but luckily it was only bagseed.
  13. New set-up is now online :D
    150w HPS x2
    Also got some nice samples from my local store
    I haven't use any of these products but if they do what they say it would be helpful

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