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  1. Any response and advise would be appreciated also tell me what you guys think
  2. lights are too far away so the plants are stretching. put the lights closer, and if you can it would probably be best if you got some of the 23w cfl's.
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    They actually are 23w I screwed up the one small one is 13 and I don't know about the grow light and I moved the light closer to the plants and added a home made reflector to it I'll post morepics next time i go by
  4. I also repotted the Streching one into a bigger pot
  5. one of those pics looks liek a male?
  6. I dunno man there aren't any preflowers yet and I think your talking about the left one? It's stretched and I have had to cut off multiple leaves but when I repotted it I buried the stem deeper, that plant is actually two months old. It's Stunted as fuck but it's not mine I'm just keeping it in there until my buddy gets his grow going. The one on the right is mine and it's way healthier probly about a month old
  7. I'll post pictures of the new shoots tomorrow they are growing very fast
  8. I'm also getting rid of the left one because it is taking up space and a shitty plant
  9. looking good for cfl bro, one thing ill add though is if you can buy the 42w or the 64w bulbs from menards do it, 64s are 17 bucks and the 42s are 10 but its way worth it in my opinon. also what kind of soil and nutrients are you using? and one last thing is watch your reflector because its tin foil and it could possibly burn your plant. ill be checking up on this grow quite often try and help you is much as i can bro, good looks.
  10. K thanks man I always thought thAt tin foil would burn my plants to but I read somewhere on here that cfls aren't strong enough to do that? I don't know I haven't seen to much just a little yellow spot but Im pretty sure that's nute burn cuz I just started them on miracle grow 2 days ago and I'm using it every other watering also the soil is potting soil and I mixed it with dirt from my buddies cow pasture to add someorganic nutrients into the soil
  11. Also I've never heard of menards is it I'm the states or something? Going to go to canadian tire today and see if they have any higher watt cfls
  12. I'll have new pictures up tonight. The new shoots are growing like crazy!!!
  13. Fuck I forgot to get pictures . I'll havd sims up tomorrow for sure
  14. ya i suppose cfls might not put out enough light to do that, but idk menards is like fleetfarm, or like a generic home depot. and yup im in the states haha but im gonna keep checking up and see how this goes for ya. peace
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    Here's a picture from today. Mobile Photobucket. Growing so fast, I put it in it's final pot yesterday didnt slow the growth at all. Bushiest plant I've grown so far, really hopin for a female, it's bagseed so I don't know the strain, tell me what u think of the plant. Peace
  16. looking good man.

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