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    First time growing, got 1 plant being grown hydro 2nd one fell in the hydro and was starved of light when it was just a seedling. I started from seed, it was good stuff i dont know what it was though i was wondering if someone could tell me indica or not, i have a feeling it is because of the kinda fat leaves but im not an expert. Also for only about 3 weeks since it sprouted its showing alot of growth. currently i have 2 40W 4 foot fluoresents above it about 6 inches. working on getting the money for a 400 W HPS set up, i know i need it but for now its doing great in veg. just want some peoples opinions about it thanks.

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  2. First image is approx. 1 month ago second image is today
  3. looks good man. If your using floro's you can put it closer then 6" to the light. 1 inch is fine. Alot of people say put it as close as possible.
  4. ok thanks for that tip man i'll be sure to lower it

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