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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by XFactor69, May 11, 2010.

  1. Good Afternoon GC,

    I am getting ready to set up a grow room and would like to know your thoughts on what my laundry list should include and opinions on what would be best and easiest as far as my Tents, Lighting, Medium (Veg/Flower), Intake & exhaust, Nutrients, Supplies, Fans and anything else I need to have for set up and care.

    Or maybe point me in the right direction on the site where this list may be hiding.

    I will have several patients that I will be the care-giver for.

    Here is what I am plannning....

    30-50 Plants
    Indoors - Garage or Room (Prefferably Grow Tents)
    HID lighting - MH/HPS - Veg/Flower
    T5's - Seedlings and clones.
    Medium - (Prefferably Soil)

    I would love any suggestions, ideas or opinions....Thanks;)
  2. First up lights. How many watts are you planning on using? That will give you an indication of what kind of footprint you will have.
  3. I intend on using as many 400-1000 Watt HID's as needed...I am assuming I will have at least 4 mid sized grow tents...Probably 1-2 lights depending on Wattage each.
  4. I am growing in a 8*4 tent at the moment and have 12 plants in a IWS system system under 2 * 600W air cooled lights. In a grow tent that is pretty much the max you can fit in, so for your 30-50 plant setup you would need 3-4 grow tents.

    I would advise you to go with 600W lights rather than 1000W. Is there a budget?

    Your next option is to ditch the tents...
  5. Great...thanks for the information. I assumed I would need at least 3-4 tents. I would probably use 2 400 watt or 1 600 Watt cooled per tent...Any other ideas?
  6. You will need 2 * 600W in each tent. 400 is a waste, won't cover the tent. 600 covers about 3.45 ft^2. The tents are in 4ft * 4ft sections roughly, so 600 is what you will need.

    You sure you want to do this in tents?

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