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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by herbtoker, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Ok so this is going to be the first grow that i do entirely on my own, and here is my plan.
    I have a 7.5x4x8 area. I want to divide it to 4x3.5 and 4x4.
    i will have a cfl setup in the 4x3 for veg and a 400 or 600 (which should i use?) watt hps in the 4x4.
    im going to grow hydroponics building my own deep water culture setup.
    i want to try and keep six plants in veg and six in flower keeping a mother in veg to clone.
    seeing as i like sativa better and because i have the eight foot tall space, i plan on growing something very sativa dominant.

    PLEASE give any tips i will appreciate them :D

    i will be posting pictures eventually
  2. Definitely use the 600 for flowering. That 400 isn't enough for 4x4, especially if you're growing taller sativas. How man plants were you thinking?
  3. i was thinkin 6 veggin 6 flowerin with a mother in veg. to keep it legal
    this is just gonna be a personal stash. i just want to keep a constant supply
  4. Well, i'd use the 600 hps for flowering, then 400 with an mh bulb if you can for vegging. Should be a great setup.
  5. yeah im gonna do a 600 to flower but
    i am going to veg under two 4 foot 4 tube t5's
    with a couple of cfls thrown in probably
  6. Sounds great, those T5's will keep them short too.

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