Indoor CPU Stealth grow, first grow log.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by SmokeaSpliff, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. I have never grown indoors, nor in such a small space as my CPU, but its experimental so maybe i can get some sort of yield. My setup consists of up to 3 CFL 26 watt indoor spectrum bulbs for vegetative growth, and the same wattage of soft white bulbs for flowering. The seeds are a indica dominant(?) strain called Big Bud. Ive heard of it before, and hopefully with some careful tending it will be even danker than the original bud. i plan on using the LST method to grow my babies so i can fully utilize my available space. I want to veg for at least 8 weeks but that all depends on available space. According to some random seed bank, Big Bud is a high yielder with a relatively short flowering time(6-8 weeks). Im not looking for highest potency (yet) or anything crazy. I just want to grow my own weed and smoke it. I figured that i should start with something that yields well. Heres a pic of my only spouted baby at a week old:
    My baby, 1 week.jpg
  2. Any pictures of the setup?

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