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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dimyself, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Ok, so I know it was suggested I use some bagweed to start out with.....but i feel pretty confident I can get it right (or at leasst somewhat right :) ) the 1st time, so I want to order some seeds.... Here's what I came up with. Any opinions or suggestions or recommendations???

    Want to start with just 1-2 plants... I was thinking of using an auto AK47 or auto WHITE RUSSIAN since it's my first time, easy to grow, relatively small, and short grow times... Which lights work best with these strains? :) Any other recommendations for seeds? I was thinking of something like AK47 since it isn't to stoney but it seems the sativa gets to be tall??? Don't want too tall of a plant since it's a closet.

    Honestly, I think I would prefer sativa (which is why i was looking at ak47) since it's more of a head high. Any other mixes of sativa/indica people can recommend that is easy, potent, forgiving, and average-high as far as yields for a beginner?

    what about something like this...looks good as hell and potent:

    or something like master kush?

    this looks interesting and tasty also!
    thank you
  2. I would go with the Carmelicious! It's easy to grow and has a fantastic taste plus stays on the small side.:yummy:
  3. have you tried it? Is it good /potent? How does the high and ease of growing compare to thebother strains?
  4. Yes I have tried it and I am growing it again. It's got a good strong buzz if you let the trichs go half amber. It is an easy one to grow, I followed the fox farm feeding chart to the letter with those plants and ya can't go wrong
  5. Cool think it's better than say WW or ak? and good for a beginner to grow (somewhat forgiving?)?

  6. anyone? I started to lean more on something like ak or wr since it's way cheaper... Suggesttions for others that are good strong up high and easy to grow for closet? There's so many strains it hard to choose just based on little description
  7. Well I decided to get this super seed pack (WW, Ice, and Crystal) from I hope they turn out well and germinate!! Now I have alot to learn and get setup before they get here!! :D

    I seemed to read good things about it...ANyone with positive experience with this pack? I know WW is fairly easy to grow, what about the others?

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