Indoor Aeroponic Chem4/SFV OG Kush grow.

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  1. Hey everyone ! Just making a post of my system and will keep it updated as my grow goes on. This is something a buddy of mine and I created with some research over the last few months into aeroponics.

    -14 plant sites
    -2 misters per plant
    -2000gph pump
    -2 1000w MH-HPS light setup
    -30gal reservoir
    -2 16inch orbital fans
    -1inch pvc water rail
    -5x5in 8ft posting

    10x10 grow space.

    My clones were put into their pots with rockwool cubes and black foam caps for the stems to grow into when the rockwool disintegrates from vigorous root growth and misters penetrating the surface.

    Here is are some videos following my grow ...

    [ame=]Learn to grow mmj in aeroponics - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Aero grow day 11 - YouTube[/ame]

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