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    Lets say you are in day 3 of germination and need to put the seeds in soil.
    What type of soil do you use? Also when in the soil do you still need to keep the planted seeds in darkness or can you put them under light yet?

    The soil i own has 6 weeks worth of nutrients and that life span of my plant is just 7 weeks.
    So on the final week before harrvest how would i flush the plant or would i not need too?

    The most inportant question i have is do i need to use sterilized soil? if so could i sterilized the soil myself by adding boiling water before i plant the seeds?


    The soil i have has Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).
    And also the soil was store brought.
  2. Well if they are germinated they are no longer seeds. If you are sticking seeds in soil, then yes they need light to reach up thru the soil to. As for soil with built in nutes, lose it. I dont see how you are going to to veg and flower in only seven weeks. Vegging usually goes four weeks and flowering up to eight, depends on variety
    Do not sterilize soil, those tiny bugs in there are what makes for good soil. Garden center organic soil is not a lot of money, it's what I have. Even home depot has Miracle Grow soil WITHOUT time release, again no time release ferts!
    Fox Farms has great soil and lineup of great nutes for the whole cycle.
    Do a little reading here for mixes that are good for growing, like adding perlite and vermiculite, it is easy.
    A few key things in the start will mean good results as you go.
    What kind of seed/plant has 7 week life span. Do you have lights ready and what kind?
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    The seeds are special low ryder so that they flower in 20 days after germination and are ready to harvest at week 7 from what i have read.

    The seeds are germinated i have now made a hole in the soil and buried them just below the soil and am about too put them in the grow room. Only trouble is i do not know if i need too put the lights on yet or wait until they stick out of the soil

    I have a fluorescent light setup and the main grow room which is setup.It keeps quite warm and dry in the grow room. Just do not know what to doa bout air flow. as the room has no windows.
  4. You can put the lights on just don't bake em. Waht kind of lights? Sounds like you're going to use the soil u mentioned,if it's Miracle Grow,. expect to get flamed, that stuff is universally hated around here, good luck.
    There's so many generous growers here, a wealth of know how, if you use it.
    I'm off this one
  5. Its the only soil i could find that looked any good.
    Its not Miracle grow its a organic brand for growing healthy plants i think its called compost or something like that.

    It was $6 for 15ltr of soil and is said to be good. But its not Miracle grow soil.
    I was fast to use it because its the only soil i have and i wanted to get the stuff planted today.
  6. Sorry I might a been short with you, sounds like a decent setup, would like to see pictures. My reservations with the soil are that you give up control and can't add any other nutes without risk of big problems.
    U have flouros, Ive heard of the lowryder, how many do you plan on? Some strains can be flowered right off. Does that need 3 weeks to veg and then begin flowering?
    I have a mini grow box, bout three feet high. My plants are showing sex now, I posted pics this AM
  7. My grow is for personal use so just two.
    The info i gathered on my grow is here

    I splashed out alot of these becuase they are small and can grow in my small setup.

    I am using a 50W flouro to grow these with. The problem i have is space and my grow room is big emough for the plants but not big enough for people to walk around in lol.
    If i used anything more powerfull i would stand a chance of burning the walls.

    There is no daylight what so ever but the lighting lights up the whole grow room.

    Here is my photo


    The metal thing is a safe too keep the final harvest in once its cured. Also got all my grow related gear in such as a space case & bong.

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