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  1. Ok, so heres what I have going.. I have one each of feminized g13 labs blue venom, barneys farm g13 haze, Dinafems original amnesia, barneys farm lsd, and greenhouse seeds lemon skunk that have been growing for 12 days and also a late addition of another greenhouse seeds lemon skunk that is at day 5. I have them in the same tent as a 10 plant autogrow that has about twenty days left.. Also a multi strain.. God bless wos afgan kush ryder..:hello: Here is my setup.

    4x4 mylar coated tent
    400 watt ushio hps bulb
    3 54 watt flowering 4ft t5s
    1 54 watt 4ft veg t5
    Starting in ffhf and ending in 50/50 ffof and ffhf with 30 percent extra added perlite.
    Autos in 2 gallon root pots
    Photos in 5 gallon root pots
    Using ff trio nutes plus mollasses and cal/mag as needed
    Ph stable at 6.7
    156 cfm high output canfan with 4 inch large carbon scrubber
    Multiple fans for airflow
    Temperature controlled to 70 to 78 degrees constant
    20/4 light schedule until auto harvest

    The autos were started on october 10 so they are nearing the end.. Expecting all harvested by dec 20..

    Planning to veg the feminized photo plants until january first..

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  2. Also, wanted to post a few pics of this strange auto to see if anyone has ideas of whats up..:confused:

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  3. hows the size comparison of the buds on the different autos?

    is that tall lengthy one skinnier than all the others? it might be growing differently cause of the distance to the light compared to the rest.
  4. As far as size, they are all going well, afgan seems best, 2nd supersonic crysta lstorm, 3rd pakistan ryder, fourth critical jack, last is the tall one which is supposed to be afgan kush..

    We have had to move the light to accomodate the tall one to the point that if anything it is bad for the other plants. the lightis 6 inches away from it.
  5. The news.. The plants were topped on saturday. Except the late start lemon skunk.. The topped ones are all about 8 inches tall now and starting to really thicken up.. I will try to get some pics up but grasscity is having some problems uploading pics i guess, i keep getting an error.. The lsd has a few fan leaves that kinda look like they are wilting.. It was way closer to the heater than the others so I rearranged a few things and hopefully that will clear it up..
  6. above which leaf set did you top them?

    hows that big strange bastard turning out?

  7. 4 of the 5 were at the fifth leaf set.. The 1 lemon skunk was after 4. The 2 new tops are already poppin out too.. Lookin good.

    The mutated prick is still exactly that.. Seems to have thickened up a bit but that might just be because its tied kinda bunched up together.. Looks like its going to make some amazing butter or hash though... It is crazy furry.
  8. Here are the pictures from december 5th.. It goes the plant then the topped pic in order of Blue venom 1st, G13 haze 2nd, Originl amnesia 3rd, LSD 4th, old LemonSkunk 4th and new untopped ls 5th.. Also picked up a co2 boost bucket that I will get in the tent on sunday.. Not sure if it is needed but now all the bases are covered

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  9. What happened to this grow? I have an LSD in my Veg that should be sprouting anyday, and an Original Amnesia in line for my next grow this summer! lookin good, hope they are still growing nicely if they aren't done... peace man
  10. Sorry its been so long.. Crazy days.. Just got the first chance to take pictures in a while.. All is going very well.. Tripped the lights to 12 12 the day after christmas, All have shown sex. No buds yet of course but all the plants are real healthy.. Pruning off most of the fan leaves to try to get the light through the canopy.. As far as I can tell Rukas, you should be real happy with both. They are beautiful plants. Look to be very good genetics.

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  11. The last few wouldnt fit..

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  12. looks good bro! I just put up some new pics tonight of my SC... my LSD already has its tap root in the water after only being in rockwool for a couple days! I am super stoked to see her turn into a lady... I have no idea how to grow in dirt, just dwc but as far as i can tell man your ladies look great I am super stoked to see your harvest! :bongin: later
  13. Just an update.. Trimmed out alot of fan leaves.. The canopy was too much to get any light through.. Also just added a 250 watt cfl to help out the undergrowth.. Otherwise all is looking really well.

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  14. Just wanted to post an auto update.. Its finally all dried. endedup getting 11.5 ounces of very good herb off of ten plants total.. Not an overwhelmingly good harvest but I am happy with it. Expecting much more off the next one.. Gonna be cool to see how the cfl added affects the undergrowth...
  15. The latest.. All is going really well.. Tghe super trim of the fan leaves seems to have had no negative effects and things are getting bigger all the time. Had to bend and tie down the untopped lemon skunk.. It was at 4.5 ft tall when we did it.. The light was getting too far from the topped ones.. This brings the problem that we cant bring out the plants and rotate them anymore so we are starting to tie and bend all branches of all plants to kinda make a wanna be scrog.. Gonna be half assed but with the cfl under the canopy all should be well i guess..
  16. some pics..

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  17. Heres the latest.. Should be harvesting the blue venom and the amnesia in a week or so.. Trichsare mostly cloudy with a few clear.. Looks like the LSD and lemon skunk are gonna run ten weeks and the g13 is strange.. Im guessing it is a straight sativa pheno. It is still gonna be a month. I think it is gonna be massive though. Heres hoping. The last pic is of the g13.. Its 8 weeeks into fllower. Any ideas? Damn website not lettin me put up pics now.. Ill try again later
  18. finally let me upload some pics..:hello:

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